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Important notes about searches with this form

  • Above all, please do not type English words into this form: this facility does not search the translations, it searches the full transliterated source text.
  • If you are looking for a particular Adler number, e.g. beta 34, just type the number, e.g. 34, into the form (not the "beta")
  • To succeed at finding text here you must use transliterated Greek; represent eta and omega simply as e and o, respectively; make no effort to indicate accents (example: sophrosune)
  • To get inflected forms of a word, first truncate the inflectional endings and then append a dot plus an asterisk after the stem; for example, to get results with all forms of the name Archilochos, type in archiloch.* (searches are case insensitive); or if you want all the inflected forms of ioudaios, type in ioudai.* (you need the dot and the asterisk).
  • Hey, re-read that last one — it's important! For instance, agalma will only return 59 matches, but agalma.* will return 95 matches.
  • To get results containing rhetor or sophist, type in rhetor.*|sophist.*. You may add as many additional terms as you like: for example, if you want to find entries about music, you might pile up terms, like this: chord.*|harmoni.*|lura.*|barbit.*|aulet.*|salping.*|kithar.*|psalt.*
  • To get results containing rhetor and sophist, type in rhetor.* sophist.* (you may add additional terms)
  • You may also look for certain endings. For instance, .*kles will return all the nominative forms of names such as Sophokles or Perikles present in the Suda.
  • Results are limited to 750 items (if this restriction creates a special problem for you, please let us know)
  • We also provide a way for you to browse alphabetical lists of the headwords.

This document was last updated May 21, 2019.

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This document was last updated Tuesday May 21, 2019.

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