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Some Lexicographic Terminology in the Suda

ὅτιit is said that
καὶ ζήτει ἐν τῳ̂also look under the entry for
διφορει̂ται spelled in two ways
φυλάττει preserves (sc. omega in the oblique cases)
συστέλλει shortens
ἐκτείνει lengthens

κατ' ἀντίφρασιν euphemistically

Περὶ ὀνομάτων concerning nouns
πτώσεις cases or inflections
ἔγκλισις declension, inflection or any derivative form
ἡ εὐθει̂α the nominative
γενικῃ̂ in the genitive
δοτικῃ̂ in the dative
αἰτιατικῃ̂ in the accusative
δυϊκω̂ς in the dual form

χωρὶς ἄρθρου without an article
τῳ̂ τόνῳ ὡς with the same accent as
Περὶ πνευμάτων concerning breathings
δασέως [δασύνεται, δασυνόμενον] with a rough breathing
ψιλω̂ς [ψιλου̂ται, ψιλούμενον] with a smooth breathing

Περὶ γενω̂ν concerning genders
θηλυκω̂ς feminine
ἀρσενικω̂ς in the masculine
οὐδέτερον neuter

ἑνικω̂ς ορ ἑνικὸν singular
πληθυντικω̂ς plural

περὶ ῥημάτων concerning verbs
περὶ συζυγίας concerning conjugation
παρατατικός imperfect
ὁ μέλλων the future
ἀόριστος aorist
ὁ παρακείμενος the perfect
ὑπερσυντελικὸς the pluperfect
ὁ παθητικὸς the passive voice
ὁ μεσότης middle voice

ὁριστική indicative
ὑποτακτική subjunctive
αὐθυπότακτον aorist subjunctive
εὐκτικω̂ς in the optative
προστακτικω̂ς in the imperative
ἡ μετοχὴ the participle
ἀπαρέμφατα infinitives

τὸ τρίτον third person

Ἰακω̂ς Ionic
Ἀττικω̂ς Attic

Περὶ συγκριτικω̂ν concerning comparatives (and note that Περὶ plus the genitive is often the title of a treatise, Concerning Something or Other)

ἐπὶ + gen. anthrop: in the reign of
ἐπὶ + gen. otherwise: in reference to
βασιλεύς (in Roman contexts): emperor
ὕπατος consul (and ὑπατικός consular)
ανθυπατος proconsul

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