Passwords for the domain are the same as your LinkBlue password.

Important is synonymous with You can use either.

Things to remember

  1. In order to access these machines remotely, you must use an ssh client.

2. Your login is the ‘username’ part of your LinkBlue email address. For example, if your email address is, your login name is csst222. See the list of servers.

3. Your CS email address is The default mail configuration uses ~/.procmailrc files. We initialize your ~/.forward file to forward your CS email to your campus email address. You can remove the ~/.forward file, but then the mailer delivers your email to your MultiLab account.

4. If you would like to set up a web page on the CS systems (accessible as, follow these steps from a Linux terminal:

chmod 711 ~
mkdir ~/HTML
chmod 711 ~/HTML

Place your web-page files in ~/HTML/. The home page must be named index.html. All your web-page files must be publicly readable.

PHP scripts

You can install PHP files in your HTML directory with the .php extension. The web server executes these files with YOUR user privileges. Be careful. PHP files should NOT be world readable, because they may contain database passwords that can be accessible via the filesystem. They should be executable by your user id.

Executable/CGI programs need to be named with .cgi extension and follow the same rules as PHP files.

List of MultiLab Servers

These server-class machines should be available for use at all times.

  • - SVN and GIT repositories for student work (on /repos). See to learn how to work with our subversion server.

Last updated: 2019/01/17