Microsoft has changed their method of software distrubution for Computer Science students. The Microsoft Imagine program is now Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching. The following instructions still apply for all other software provided by Kivuto. New instructions for Microsoft products are being generated.

Microsoft Azure Dev Tools

The program Microsoft previously offered, called Imagine/MSDNAA, is now Azure Dev Tools for Teaching. The new program can be accessed by going to The site will require you to login with your UK LinkBlue id in order to access the software and services Microsoft is providing to students.

Downloadable products can be found by logging into the Azure for Education website (takes a long time to load) and navigating to “All services” -> “Other” -> “Education”. Once in the “Education - Quick Start” section, navigate to “Software” and the products available will be listed on the right.


OnTheHub is an agreement and service between multiple software vendors and the UK Computer Science Department.

It provides free software to current students who are:

  • Declared Computer Science Majors, and/or
  • Currently enrolled in a CS ### course.

To see if you have access to OnTheHub go to and login with your LinkBlue ID. Be sure that the Domain and semester fields are correct if you have trouble logging in.

Once logged in, click on “MSDNAA Info” on the left aside. The page will indicate when the accounts were last updated. There may be up to a day difference between the time you are enrolled in a course and when the CS department receives the information.

updated time

Updated rosters are typically provided to the CS department the day after enrollment after the semester has begun. If you have enrolled in a CS course and you still do not have access, please send an email to for further assistance.


  1. Do I have a MSDNAA account?

Answer: Maybe. Computer Science majors and those enrolled in curriculum based courses have MSDNAA accounts on the CS site. Other Engineering majors (including Computer Engineering majors) have access based on THEIR site.

  1. How do I find out if I have one and what it is?

Answer: At the beginning of each semester, about 2 or 3 days before, and other times throughout the semester, the MSDNAA site is loaded with the email address of CS majors+CS enrolled students. This is a query based on actual enrollments and majors. If the IRIS system doesn’t have you listed as one of these, you will not be on the list.

You can login to the CS Portal (if you’re affiliated with CS):

using your LinkBlue credentials. The left-side menu has an item “MSDNAA”. Click on it and it will tell you if you are eligible and what email address was used. It also has a URL to the system managing the MSDNAA downloads (currently Imagine/

  1. I had one at the beginning of the semester, but it now says it is expired, why?

Answer: Most likely, you changed your email address in the campus system. When the data was retrieved by the MSDNAA program, it saw the new address and changed it on the MSDNAA system.

  1. The CS Portal says my email address, but the MSDNAA site doesn’t acknowledge it!

Answer: There is a line at the top of the CS Portal MSDNAA screen like: MSDNAA accounts were last updated on 2012-09-06 10:17:55

If you’ve changed your email address since the last load, but it was after the date the CS Portal is showing, then MSDNAA still doesn’t know about it.


Please note, during the summer period, MSDNAA is loaded with course enrollments for the summer semesters. If you are NOT enrolled in the summer and you are NOT a Computer Science major, you will most likely have to wait until the initial data load for the Fall semester.


If you are having download issues (incomplete files, etc), make sure you try using Internet Explorer (if IE fails try Chrome or Firefox). Sometimes it makes a difference.

  1. Why does it say my account has expired when I try to run the software?

Answer: If you can login and download, you haven’t entered the correct license key for the software. This key is presented to you when you download the software and can be found by looking at the order reciept on the msdnaa website.

Using A Mac

Boot Camp allows you to install and run MS-Windows on your Mac. Once installed, you can then install other Microsoft products from MSDNAA like Visual Studio Enterprise with C++. This seems to be the most popular option for Mac users. Here is a link to a “how to” page from Apple:

CS students can also request a Windows 10 virtual machine. VMs will not be as powerful or as fast as other solutions but may provide the functionality needed for course work.

CS 215

For students and TAs that are trying to install Microsoft VS with C++. Dr. Joiner has an instructional PDF for the class [availalble here].