Connecting to UK Campus VPNΒΆ

The campus VPN service documented here requires that you first request access here. After you have access to the VPN service, continue reading this document.


If you are having Certification problems with the GlobalProtect VPN Client on MacOS please check this article for a possible solution.


If the GlobalProtect VPN client stays in the Conecting phase (on MacOS), go to your Security Settings and allow full permissions for the application. UK Campus is working on a Knowledge Base article to guide users on how to solve this problem; it will be published soon.


If you are unable to solve the problem via the security settings, download the latest GLobalProtect client from the UK VPN Website use it to uninstall the previously installed client with it. After uninstalling, you should reboot your Mac. Then use the same installer to re-install GlobalProtect, but make sure that the option GlobalProtect System extensions is Not enabled.

You need to connect to the VPN in order to access almost all CS computers, including all virtual machines and MultiLab servers.


During a connection to the campus VPN, ALL internet traffic your computer generates is tunneled through the University systems, including email and web browsing.