CS 115 Fall 2018

Lecturer: Dr. Debby Keen

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August 23 ACM Code of Ethics
October 4On Program 1, it IS allowed to use the variable names a,b,c,d,e,f even though they are single letters. This is to prevent the formulas from becoming so long. OTHER variables must have GOOD multi-character names as usual!
Another note: do NOT use tuples to print your x and y coordinates. Example: print ((x,y))
This will be counted completely incorrect. You know how to output it so it looks like the sample runs step by step.
October 9 A tutorial on Zelle graphics warning, this uses a slightly modified version of the graphics.py library. Still worth reading.
October 9 Graphics.py will be useful
October 9HINT about Zelle graphics! You have to SAVE your program file before Python knows where to look for the graphics.py file. (This is if you did not put the graphics.py file in the site-packages folder.) It's a good habit to get into anyway, saving your program regularly.
October 17Debriefing for Program 1 good reading!

What's Due? (This gives just a few words about assignments - see the assignments for DETAILS!) (applies to all Sections)
Lab 8 IndividualSunday, October 21, midnight
Zybook 9 PA and CA in Chapter 5, 5.6-5.9, 5.11Wednesday, October 24, midnight
Program 2 Design Wednesday, October 24, midnight

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