Date, Time, Location for Lecture Test 1

Below are most of the instructions that will appear on the top of your test. Read them now!
CS 115 Test 1 Fall 2018

Print your name clearly. Circle your section below. This is a closed note, closed book exam. No electronic devices of any kind may be used during the exam. No looking at other papers is allowed. No communication with other people during the exam is allowed. No baseball caps may be worn during the test.

If you have a question, REMAIN IN YOUR SEAT, raise your hand and wait for a proctor to come to you. Do NOT wander around the room with your paper until you are ready to turn it in. Make sure you have answered all questions. Write your answers on this paper. If you need more space, use the back of a page - and put a note to that effect on the front! Please turn off any pagers, phones, beepers, etc. No scrap paper is allowed.

When you are finished, bring your test to the front of the room. Sign the roster there to prove you were present. Please leave quietly. Do not talk to anyone while you are waiting to turn in your exam. Do not stand outside the door and talk after the test.

If a result is a floating-point number, make sure you show a decimal point.

The tests will be graded as soon as possible. You will get the paper back with feedback. Keep this paper as proof of the score that you got, at least until the final grades for the semester are recorded. You have one week after the exam results are distributed to discuss your grade with your TA or Dr. Keen.