A Deal

There will be 3 problems on the Final Exam which ask you to write a function. These 3 problems add up to 50 points. If your score on the three problems combined is better than your score on Lab Test 3, we will replace your Lab Test 3 score with the score from the three problems.

If your score does not improve over the Lab Test score, nothing happens to your Lab Test score.

The problems will be at the end of the exam and clearly labeled.

The topics of the problems are: strings, files and numbers.

Everyone must do the problems on the Final Exam. They are 50 points of the Final Exam score so they cannot be ignored.

Some people in the past have improved as much as 10 points. Most people do not.

This only applies as described, NOT to program grades or other test scores.

You do not have to "opt in" to this deal. It will be done automatically unless you did not take Lab Test 3. This offer is open only to people who DID take Lab Test 3. `