Date, Time, Location for Final Exam

For DAY sections (1-6), the final exam will be held according to the published Final Exam Schedule, Thursday, December 13, 10:30 am - 12:30 pm in Whitehall Classroom Building 122.

NIGHT Section (401) = The final exam will be from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm on Tuesday, December 11 in FPAT 267.

Below are the instructions that will appear on the top of your test. Read them now!
CS 115 Final Exam Fall 2018

Exam Instructions - Please READ!

Please circle your section!

Print your name clearly. This is a closed note, closed book exam. No electronic devices of any kind may be used during the exam. No looking at other papers is allowed. No communication with other people during the exam is allowed. No baseball caps may be worn during the test.

If you have a question, REMAIN IN YOUR SEAT, raise your hand and wait for a proctor to come to you. Do NOT wander around the room with your paper until you are ready to turn it in. Make sure you have answered all questions. Write your answers on this paper. Please turn off any phones. Please write your answers clearly - if we can't read it, we can't grade it!

When you are finished, bring your test to the front of the room. Please leave quietly. Do not talk to anyone while you are waiting to turn in your exam. Do not stand outside the door and talk after the test.

If a result is a floating-point number, make sure you show a decimal point. Do NOT use 0 and 1 as bool results; that is NOT the right data type. If an answer is a literal constant indicate what type it is, e.g. strings should be clearly marked as such. Write out the values of Bool constants as words, not T and F.

Tests will be graded as soon as possible. Canvas will be updated one more time when final grades are assigned. The Registrar's database should receive the grades by 5 pm on Monday, December 17.

Any leftover papers will be stored with Dr. Keen for one calendar year. You can pick them up from her.