Paradigm Function Morphology

Here are some PFM files you can download and then submit. They meant as examples of our PFM syntax, not linguistic theories of the languages represented. Not all provide correct results or even reasonable approaches to the problems they try to solve. However, they are generally syntactically correct input to the PFM calculator.
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Paradigm function, like PF(<L, σ>) = III(II(I(Stem(<L,σ>))))
    PF(<L, σ>) =
Rules of referral, like PF(<L, σ:{ 3 sg pres indic }>) = (Y, σ), where PF(<L, σ>) = <Y, τ> and τ = σ/{ 3 sg pres }
Stem-selection rules, like Stem(<BRJÓTA , σ:{ past indic }>)= brut
Rules of exponence, like I, XV[ V2 ], σ:{ sg pres indic } → Xi
Phonological classes, like vowel = a e i o u y
Sandhi, like i Ø / _u, u_
Lexical entries, like Lexeme BRJÓTA Meaning break Category V Inflection class S2a
Paradigm schemata, Inflection class V-S2a { {1/2/3  sg/pl  pres/past   indic/subj} {1/2  pl  impv} },
Show only queries for which we know the true results
Known truths, like GRÍPA:{indic pres sg 3} = grípur,