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There are many ways to search the Suda On Line. Please don't give up too easily! If you follow these notes your searches will be much more productive. Send any questions you may have to the senior editor (see the home page).
  • Searches are case-insensitive.
  • For more comprehensive results, substitute .* for variable endings (child finds only instances of child, but child.* finds child, child's, childhood, children and thus works the same as child|child's|childhood|children)
  • To find alternate transliterations of Greek names, substitute a . for any letter that could be spelled in more than one way, for example Peri.les (for Pericles or Perikles), or even .allima.h.s (for Callimachus or Kallimakhos). This is important because we aren't currently enforcing a single method of transliteration.
  • You may also look for certain endings. For instance, .*phos or .*phus finds nominative forms of names such as Telephos or Sisyphus.
  • Valid Boolean expressions include and, or and not (you may also use & instead of and, and | instead of or). Here are some examples:
    • To get results containing Aristotle or Plato, type in aristotle.* or plato.*
    • To get results containing Aristotle and Plato, type in aristotle.* and plato.*
    • You may add as many additional terms as you like. For example, if you want to find entries about famous people, you might include a number of terms, like this: Aristotle.* and Plato.* or Zeno.* not Stoic.* or Chrysippus or Antipater
    • The Boolean connectors associate to the left; the previous expression is equivalent to ((((Aristotle.* and Plato.*) or Zeno.*) not Stoics.*) or Chrysippus) or Antipater
    • However, parentheses are not allowed in Boolean expressions!
  • If you are searching for a particular Adler number, be sure to select that field and use the following format: alpha,32 (no spaces!)
  • If you are searching in the translator or editor field, you may only search for a single name, without Boolean expressions.
  • This form enables your searches of the SOL's translations and annotations. If you want to search the untranslated source text, please be sure to use the appropriate facility for doing that.

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This document was last updated Sunday May 19, 2019.

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