Designing a Framework for Remote Cancer Care Through Community Co-design: Participatory Development Study

J Med Internet Res, 24(4): 29492, 2022
Äronoff-Spencer, Eliah and McComsey, Melanie and Chih, Ming-Yuan and Hubenko, Alexandra and Baker, Corey and Kim, John and Ahern, David K and Gibbons, Michael Christopher and Cafazzo, Joseph A and Nyakairu, Pia and Vanderpool, Robin C and Mullett, Timothy W and Hesse, Bradford W
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Enabling Opportunistic Low-cost Smart Cities By Using Tactical Edge Node Placement

In 2021 16th Annual Conference on Wireless On-demand Network Systems and Services Conference (WONS), 2021 (Selected as a top paper)
Madamori, Oluwashina and Max-Onakpoya, Esther and Erhardt, Gregory D and Baker, Corey E
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Addressing the Need for Remote Patient Monitoring Applications in Appalachian Areas

arXiv preprint arXiv:2102.08512, 2021
Donawa, Alyssa and Baker, Corey E
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Considerations for Designing Private and Inexpensive Smart Cities

In ICWMC 2020-2020 IARIA The Sixteenth International Conference on Wireless and Mobile Communications (ICWMC), 2020
DeHart, Jasmine and Baker, Corey E and Grant, C
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Optimizing Edge Connectivity Post Natural Disaster using UAVs

In Proceedings of the 21st International Workshop on Mobile Computing Systems and Applications, 2020
Grooms, Xava and Baker, Corey E
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Augmenting Cloud Connectivity with Opportunistic Networks for Rural Remote Patient Monitoring

In 2020 International Conference on Computing, Networking and Communications (ICNC), 2020 (Acceptance: 24.9%)
Max-Onakpoya, Esther and Madamori, Oluwashina and Grant, Faren and Vanderpool, Robin and Chih, Ming-Yuan and Ahern, David K and Aronoff-Spencer, Eliah and Baker, Corey E
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Barn-Raising on the Digital Frontier: The L.A.U.N.C.H. Collaborative

Hesse BW, Ahern DK, Ellison M, et al. Barn-raising on the digital frontier: The L.A.U.N.C.H. Collaborative. J Appalach Health 2020;2(1):6–20.
Hesse, Bradford W. and Ahern, David and Ellison, Michele and Aronoff-Spencer, Eliah and Vanderpool, Robin C. and Onyeije, Karen and Gibbons, Michael C. and Mullett, Timothy W. and Chih, Ming-Yuan and Attencio, Victoria and Patterson, Grant and Boten, Jessica and Hartshorn, Christopher and Bartolome, Ben and Gorscak, Katie and McComsey, Melanie and Hubenko, Alexandra and Huang, Bin and Baker, Corey and Norman, Don
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Denial of Service Detection & Mitigation Scheme Using Responsive Autonomic Virtual Networks (RAvN)

In Military Communications Conference, MILCOM 2019-2019 IEEE, 2019
Starke, Allen and Nei, Zixiang and Hodges, Morgan and Baker, Corey and McNair, Janise
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Scaling Blockchains to Support Electronic Health Records for Hospital Systems

In 2019 10th IEEE Annual Ubiquitous Computing, Electronics & Mobile Communication Conference (UEMCON), 2019
Donawa, Alyssa and Orukari, Inema and Baker, Corey E
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Utilizing Opportunistic Social Networks for Remote Patient Monitoring in Rural Areas

In Proceedings of the 1st International Workshop on Technology Enablers and Innovative Applications for Smart Cities, 2019
Max-Onakpoya, Esther and Madamori, Oluwashina and Baker, Corey E
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