Overcoming Network Intermittency to Facilitate Remote Patient Monitoring

Talk at the Tektronix for their TekTok Series hosted by Tektronix Women in Technology (WIT) and Black Excellence Matters (BEM) groups in Beaverton, OR (Summer 2021)

Tolerable Delay: Augmenting Cloud Connectivity with Opportunistic Communication for Entity Centered Apps

Talk at the IEEE Santa Clara Valley Section for their Corporate Liaison Program, Santa Clara, CA (Fall 2020)

When Disaster Strikes: Supplementing Centralized Infrastructure with Opportunistic Communication

Talk at the University of Kentucky Computer Science Keeping Current Seminar (Spring 2018)

AlleyOop Social Research Platform

Example video of the AlleyOop Social Research Platform. A demo of AlleyOop Social was presented at the 2017 IEEE ICDCS Conference and 2017 IEEE INFOCOM Conference. Refer to the research page for more information.

Message Delivery for Evolving Community Structures for Mobile Ad-hoc Social Networks

Guest lecture in Professor Janise McNair’s EEL 6591 Wireless Networks course.

Note: The microphone is a little choppy and clears up at the 2:35 mark

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