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Headword: *)orfeu/s
Adler number: omicron,654
Translated headword: Orpheus
Vetting Status: high
[Orpheus], of Leibethra in Thrace (the town is below Pieria),[1] son of Oiagros and Kalliope. Oiagros was in the fifth generation after Atlas, by Alkyone, one of his daughters. He lived 11 generations before the Trojan Wars, and they say he was a student of Linos.[2] He lived for 9 generations, though some say 11. He wrote Triasms, but these are also said to be by Ion the tragedian.[3] Among them [are] the so-called Hierostolika ['Sacred Missives']; Cosmic Calls; Neoteuktika; Sacred Speeches in 24 rhapsodies, but these are said to be by Theognetos the Thessalian, or by the Pythagorean Kerkops;[4] Oracles, which are attributed to Onomakritos; Rites, though these too are attributed to Onomakritos; among these is the Concerning Cutting on Stones, entitled Eighty Stone; Deliverances, but these are said to be by Timokles the Syracusan or by Persinos the Milesian; Mixing Bowls, said to be by Zopyros; Thronismoi of the Mother and Bacchica, said to be by Nikias of Elea; Descent into Hades, said to be by Herodikos of Perinthos; Robe and Net, also said to be by Zopyros of Herakleia, though others say Bro[?n]tinos; an Onomastikon in epic hexameter, a Theogony in epic hexameter; Astronomy, Amokopia,[5] Thyepolikon, Oiothytika or Oioskopika in epic hexameter, Katazostikon, Hymns, Korybantikon, and Physika ['Writings on Nature'], which they [also] attribute to Bro[?n]tinos.
Greek Original:
*)orfeu/s, *leibh/qrwn tw=n e)n *qra/|kh| [po/lis d' e)sti\n u(po\ th=| *pieri/a|], ui(o\s *oi)a/grou kai\ *kallio/phs. o( de\ *oi)/agros pe/mptos h)=n a)po\ *)/atlantos, kata\ *)alkuo/nhn mi/an tw=n qugate/rwn au)tou=. ge/gone de\ pro\ ia# genew=n tw=n *trwi+kw=n, kai/ fasi maqhth\n gene/sqai au)to\n *li/nou: biw=nai de\ genea\s q#, oi( de\ ia# fasin. e)/graye *triasmou/s: le/gontai de\ ei)=nai *)/iwnos tou= tragikou=: e)n de\ tou/tois ta\ *(ierostolika\ kalou/mena: *klh/seis kosmikai/: *neoteuktika/: *(ierou\s lo/gous e)n r(ayw|di/ais kd#: le/gontai de\ ei)=nai *qeognh/tou tou= *qessalou=, oi( de\ *ke/rkwpos tou= *puqagorei/ou: *xrhsmou/s, oi(\ a)nafe/rontai ei)s *)onoma/kriton: *teleta/s: o(moi/ws de/ fasi kai\ tau/tas *)onomakri/tou: e)n tou/tois d' e)sti\ peri\ li/qwn glufh=s, h(/tis *)ogdohkonta/liqos e)pigra/fetai: *swth/ria: tau=ta *timokle/ous tou= *surakousi/ou le/getai h)\ *persi/nou tou= *milhsi/ou: *krath=ras: tau=ta *zwpu/rou fasi/: *qronismou\s *mhtrw/|ous kai\ *bakxika/: tau=ta *niki/ou tou= *)elea/tou fasi\n ei)=nai: *ei)s a(/|dou kata/basin: tau=ta *(hrodi/kou tou= *perinqi/ou: *pe/plon kai\ *di/ktuon: kai\ tau=ta *zwpu/rou tou= *(hraklew/tou, oi( de\ *broti/nou: *)onomastiko\n e)/ph #22as1#, *qeogoni/an e)/ph #22as1#, *)astronomi/an, *)amokopi/a, *quhpoliko/n, *)w|oqutika\ h)\ *)w|oskopika/, e)pikw=s: *katazwstiko/n, *(/umnous: *korubantiko/n: kai\ *fusika/, a(\ *broti/nou fasi/n.
See generally under omicron 660.
[1] cf. lambda 359.
[2] lambda 568.
[3] iota 487. Küster corrected the title of this work to *triagmou/s "Triads", comparing Harpocration s.v. *)/iwn.
[4] Kerkon in one manuscript.
[5] Thus as transmitted -- but it was emended to Amoskopia in the Suda editio princeps, to Ammoskopia by Diels, and to Amnoskopia (or Astrokopia) by Lobeck. If Amnoskopia is correct (cf. LSJ on a related noun and verb), it could mean either literal 'sheep-watching/shepherding' or divination by means of watching sheep (so G.R.S. Mead).
Keywords: biography; chronology; epic; geography; meter and music; mythology; poetry; religion; zoology
Translated by: Ross Scaife ✝ on 25 November 2003@20:32:29.
Vetted by:
David Whitehead (supplied some notes; augmented keywords; cosmetics) on 26 November 2003@03:26:25.
Catharine Roth (added note, other cosmetics) on 14 May 2008@15:08:43.
David Whitehead (another note; tweaking) on 23 July 2013@03:26:21.
David Whitehead (added a note, at the prompting of Dr Nick Nicholas; another keyword; cosmetics) on 5 January 2016@04:51:11.
Catharine Roth (cosmetics) on 5 January 2016@12:03:31.
Catharine Roth (cosmeticule) on 13 February 2021@01:02:31.

Headword: *poludeu/khs
Adler number: pi,1951
Translated headword: Polydeukes, Pollux
Vetting Status: high
of Naucratis.[1] Some write that he is a sophist of Ardyenna, [but] they are joking:[2] Ardyenna [is] a city of Phoenicia.[3] He taught in Athens under the emperor Commodus,[4] and died aged 58, having composed the following books: Onomasticon (10 books: it is a collection of different words for the same thing); informal discourses, or talks; declamations; epithalamium to Caesar Commodus; Roman Speech; Trumpet, or Musical Contest; Against Socrates; Against the People of Sinope; Panellenic [Speech]; Arcadian [Speech];[5] and so on.
On statues of Castor and [sc. the mythological] Pollux see under 'Dioscuri'.[6]
Greek Original:
*poludeu/khs, *naukrati/ths. tine\s de\ *)ardoue/nnas sofisth\n gra/fousi, pai/zontes: po/lis de\ *foini/khs h( *)ardou/enna. e)pai/deuse ga\r e)n *)aqh/nais e)pi\ *komo/dou tou= basile/ws kai\ e)teleu/thsen e)/th biou\s h# kai\ n#, sunta/cas bibli/a tau=ta: *)onomastiko\n e)n bibli/ois i#: e)/sti de\ sunagwgh\ tw=n diafo/rws kata\ tou= au)tou= legome/nwn: *diale/ceis h)/toi lalia/s, *mele/tas, *ei)s *ko/modon *kai/sara *)epiqala/mion, *(rwmai+ko\n lo/gon, *salpigkth\n h)\ a)gw=na mousiko/n, *kata\ *swkra/tous, *kata\ *sinwpe/wn, *panellh/nion, *)arkadiko/n: kai\ e(/tera. zh/tei a)ga/lmata *ka/storos kai\ *poludeu/kous e)n tw=| *dio/skouroi.
C2 AD. RE Iulius(773); OCD4 Pollux, Iulius; PIR2 I474. For some of the present material cf. Philostratus, Lives of the Sophists 2.12.
[1] In Egypt (nu 57, nu 58).
[2] Adler notes Kuster's suggested emendation of this participle to ptai/ontes ("blundering").
[3] No Phoenician city of this name is attested, and it is in any case a NW European name: Ardennes (see e.g. Strabo 4.3.5, and Barrington Atlas map 11 grid G4). Adler notes the suggested double emendation by Jonathan Toup (1713-1785) to Arados, in Syria. See also n. 5 below.
[4] kappa 2007.
[5] Adler notes the suggested emendation, by von Gutschmid, of Arkadikon to Aradikon; cf. n. 3 above.
[6] delta 1209.
Keywords: art history; biography; chronology; dialects, grammar, and etymology; geography; history; meter and music; philosophy; rhetoric
Translated by: Malcolm Heath on 5 September 2003@15:46:20.
Vetted by:
William Hutton (cosmetics, added keywords, set status) on 5 September 2003@15:52:21.
David Whitehead (augmented note; added keyword; cosmetics) on 6 September 2003@07:03:26.
David Whitehead (more notes; cosmetics; raised status) on 4 August 2011@10:22:18.
David Whitehead (updated a ref) on 2 August 2014@11:36:54.
David Whitehead (tweaked tr; expanded one note, added another) on 23 June 2016@11:34:15.


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