Resources for Sudoku and Sudoku-like puzzle designers

Resources for Sudoku designers

This page contains resources for sudoku-like puzzle designers. We provide samples of various sudoku-like puzzles. The designer is welcome to select one or more of these designs and build her/his puzzles. We will be grateful for the acknowledgment of the source. If you send us your own design (showing that the puzzle is feasible - we do know that some diagrams are not feasible), we will post it and acknowledge it. We will provide links to other resources of interest to designers and serious sudoku solvers.


A paper

A paper entitled "So you want to generate your own sudoku?" where we describe what does it take to write a decent software generating sudoku and similar puzzles. Requires some knowledge of SAT or like solvers, but hints at many other possible puzzles that may be done with the same software. This includes all the above grids (no source code provided, just the technology discussed there). We wrote this paper last summer, and it still can be greatly improved.

We publish it in expectetion that SAT/ASP people should be able to use their technology for fun, not only for profit.

Last modified: January 5, 2006