This page contains a link to my one-semester course on SAT.

I wrote a book on satisfiability, entitled "Introduction to the Mathematics of Satisfiability". An early version was accessible from this page, but since the book is now published, I no longer can post it.

The ISBN-13 of of this book is: 978-143-9801-673. It is available at Amazon and, of course, from its publishers (CRC Press).

Here is the url of CRC page of the book. The picture on the cover of the book is due to Marijn Heule, and visualizes a lower bound on one of van der Waerden numbers.

Here is errata for the book.

For those who want something less ambitious here are my slides for a course on Satisfiability.

Here is a photo of the piece of art on which the cover of the book is based. This is a framed result of the three-dimensional printing (!!!) (also due to Marijn) of the visualization. Look it up!

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