• October 13, 2021
    Our work on QoS-aware, priority-based offloading in edge systems has been accepted for publication through the IEEE CCNC 2022 conference.
  • August 23, 2021
    Minoo gave a talk at the ACM SIGCOMM 2021 Networking Networking Women (N2Women) workshop on her research, “Optimal Task Offloading for Deep Learning Services in Edge-Enabled Systems: An Accuracy-Time Trade-off”.
  • August 15, 2021
    Dr. Khamfroush and Nathaniel will travel to Porto, Portugal to give a joint talk on their research, “Edge intelligence for deep learning services“.
  • June 23, 2021
    We are thrilled to welcome our new Ph.D. student to the Net-Science lab. Welcome to the team, Afsaneh!
  • May 01, 2021
    Minoo and Nathaniel have both been awarded NSF travel grants to attend this year's INFOCOM conference. Congratulations!
  • April 27, 2021
    Minoo successfully passed her depth exam requirement as part of her Ph.D. program. Keep up the good work, Minoo!
  • April 23, 2021
    Our papers entitled “A Framework for Edge Intelligent Smart Distribution Grids via Federated Learning” and “QoS-Aware Placement of Deep Learning Services on the Edge with Multiple Service Implementations” have been accepted for publication in the main track and the big data and machine learning for networking workshop track in the 2021 IEEE ICCCN conference, respectively.
  • March 30, 2021
    Both Minoo and Nathaniel have been awarded student travel grants, funded by the NSF, to attend the IEEE INFOCOM 2021 conference.
  • March 24, 2021
    Dr. Khamfroush was the winner of the 2021 Sarah Bennet Holmes Award, which is bestowed upon University of Kentucky employees who have achieved professional and personal success while promoting the growth and well-being of women at the University of Kentucky and beyond.
  • March 23, 2021
    Nathaniel's paper on behavioral information diffusion was awarded the UK CS departmental award for 2020 outstanding paper. Keep up the great work, Nathaniel!
  • January 25, 2021
    Congratulations to Minoo, Andrew, and Dr. Khamfroush on their recently-accepted paper on request offloading in edge computing systems for ICC 2021!
  • December 18, 2020
    Dr. Khamfroush's paper on service placement and request scheduling has been accepted for publication in the IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking.
  • October 18, 2020
    Nathaniel and Dr. Khamfroush's journal paper on behavioral information diffusion in online social networks has been accepted for publication in the IEEE Transactions on Network Science and Engineering!
  • September 19, 2020
    A paper co-authored by Minoo, Nathaniel, and Dr. Khamfroush on latency/accuracy trade-off of deep learning models on the edge has been accepted for publication for IEEE GLOBECOM's 2020 Workshop series.
  • September 08, 2020
    Nathaniel received the NSF student travel grant for the 2020 SMARTCOMP conference.
  • August 26, 2020
    Minoo and Dr. Khamfroush's paper on edge layer optimization has been accepted for the SmartGridComm 2020 conference.
  • July 28, 2020
    Dr. Khamfroush has been designated to serve as the co-advisor of ACM-W at the University of Kentucky.
  • July 28, 2020
    Dr. Khamfroush is serving on IEEE ICFEC 2021 TPC, submit your work here.
  • July 28, 2020
    Dr. Khamfroush is serving on IEEE INFOCOM 2021 TPC, submit your work here.
  • July 28, 2020
    Dr. Khamfroush is serving on ACM/IEEE SEC 2020 TPC, submit your work here.
  • June 24, 2020
    Dr. Khamfroush is co-chair of IEEE SmartGridComm, Workshop on Edge Computing for Smart Grids. To submit your papers: [Click Here].
  • June 24, 2020
    Dr. Khamfroush is serving on ICDCN 2021 TPC
  • June 24, 2020
    Dr. Khamfroush is serving on LCN 2020 TPC
  • June 24, 2020
    Dr. Khamfroush is serving on IEEE 5G World Forum 2020 TPC
  • June 24, 2020
    Dr. Khamfoush is serving on IEEE GLOBECOM 2020 TPC
  • June 24, 2020
    Dr. Khamfroush has been elevated to IEEE Senior member grade!
  • June 08, 2020
    Dr. Khamfroush was selected as the recipient of a CS Department 50th Anniversary Junior Faculty Fellowship. This is a three-year endowed fellowship that she will be able to use to enhance her research activities.
  • April 20, 2020
    Matthew successfully defended his master's thesis on QoS-aware service placement/scheduling in edge cloud systems. Congratulations, Matthew!
  • April 10, 2020
    Nathaniel's paper on smart advertisement and click optimization has been accepted for publication through the SMARTCOMP 2020 conference. Congratulations, Nathaniel!
  • February 24, 2020
    Aram has been accepted as an incoming doctoral student to the Department of Computer Science and will officially join our lab as a full-time PhD student in the fall. Congratulations, Aram!
  • January 23, 2020
    Our team just received a research grant for two-years from NSF to study the use of federated learning for resource management in edge computing. [X]
  • January 01, 2020
    We received support for a one-year project from Cisco to do research on the use of network coding in mobile edge computing.
  • November 26, 2019
    Nathaniel was awarded two travel awards to attend to the WINE 2019 conference in New York City!
  • October 20, 2019
    I am invited to give a talk at the University of Central Florida on Nov. 22nd!
  • October 15, 2019
    Nathaniel won the runner-up award for his poster on click-through predicition on online social networks, presented at the CCS summit 2019. Congratulations Nathaniel!
  • October 08, 2019
    Two papers accepted at the ICNC 2020! Congratulations to Emory and Matthew for their great research work.
  • October 01, 2019
    Minoo is awarded a travel grant from the NSF to present her research on edge computing in the 4th ACM/IEEE symposium on Edge computing (SEC) 2019! Congratulations Minoo, great start!
  • August 01, 2019
    Jack won the runner up outstanding research award for his summer research with us, presented at the summer research program! Congratulations Jack!
  • August 01, 2019
    I am invited to serve as a TPC member at INFOCOM 2020!
  • August 01, 2019
    I am organizing a workshop on Edge Computing for Cyber Physical Systems at IEEE GLOBECOM 2019, Hawaii, USA! Submit your papers here: Submission.
  • July 01, 2019
    Research Grant awarded! Delighted to announce that our research proposal has been funded! We will investigate Measles disease in Collaboration with my colleague from public health department, at the University of Kentucky!
  • May 01, 2019
    I was named “a teacher who made a difference” at the University of Kentucky, April 2019.
  • February 01, 2018
    I will attend TRIWiC!
  • TPC member LCN 2017
  • TPC member ICC 2018
  • TPC member EWSN 2018
  • I will attend CyberW workshop in Dallas!
  • TPC member IFIP /networking 2018
  • TPC member IFIP WWIC 2018
  • TPC member GLOBECOM 2018
  • Got a grant to attend Women in CyberSecurity (WiCys)
  • TPC member IEEE LCN 2018!
  • So excited to announce that two PhD students join NetScience lab: Nathaniel Hudson and Matthew Turner just joined the NetScience lab! Welcome to the group.
  • I received a travel grant to attend NSF Career Workshop in Alexandria, VA April 2018.
  • I am invited to serve on the Editorial board of PLOS ONE journal!

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