Lab Accounts and Electronic Communication

We will be using the personal computers in RGAN 103 and your University LinkBlue accounts. Treat your account as you would your personal and confidential records.

You must have your University account set up in order to receive your feedback on most assignments. Feedback is sent through the Canvas system.

Do not abuse the computer systems by doing things that are inconsiderate, annoying, or disruptive to other users, or destructive to other accounts. Do not share your account with anyone else. Your right to use the UK computer systems can be taken away if you abuse the privilege.

We will use email to communicate with you quickly. Please check your email regularly! If you don't want to use your University account (, forward it to somewhere you DO read. YOU are responsible for all email sent to your University account. Check your email often!

Visit the course homepage often ( If you have trouble accessing this page or find a dead link, please let Dr. Keen ( know as soon as possible. The syllabus and schedule will be posted there during the entire term. Lab and programming assignments will be posted there. This site is subject to change as necessary.