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Rankings of University of Kentucky's CS Doctoral program by Academic Analytics

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Cloud Computing and Client Machine


Facial Expression Simulation:

Mesh Simplification, Decimation, Multi-resolution Data Structure:

Some of our recent results

Funding Agencies

Hong Kong Research Grants Council

China Funding Agencies

Taiwan Funding Agencies

Research Policies

Companies Making Plastic Surgery Software:

  1. Canfield Scientific, Inc.
  2. Nautilus Software
  3. Digital Elite

Companies providing dental products:

  1. Dentsply International
  2. 3M

Camera Principles:

  1. Camera Principles: Part I (Matthew Chapman)
  2. Camera Principles: Part II (Matthew Chapman)
  3. Digital Camera
  4. Digital Camera Principle: Single-lens reflex camera

Companies Making nets, lighting equipment, measuring equipment:

  1. McMaster-Carr (use their search engine to find desired products, such as "net" or "metal net")
  2. Stockeryale (structured light laser)
  3. Stockeryale (structured light)
  4. Schafter-Kirchhoff (structured light laser)

Companies Making Digital Dental Imaging Equipments:

  1. Cadent Company: iTero
  2. OraMetrix, Inc. (OraMetrix, Inc. patents)
  3. Sirona Dental Systems (CEREC)
  4. Suni Medical Imaging, Inc.
  5. Lightyear (X-ray based)
  6. DXIS: Direct X-Ray Imaging System
  7. LearnDigital.net (X-Ray based)
  8. Gendex (digital imageing)
  9. Gendex (digital camera for dental usages)
  10. Concept IV FWT, Gendex (digital camera for dental usages)
  11. Kodak Dental Imaging (X-ray based)
  12. *****
  13. Brontes Technologies or Lava (3M ESPE)
  14. Debut of Lava Chairside Oral Scanner C.O.S.
  15. How does it work?
  16. *****related patents*****
  17. Scanning laser microscope with wavefront sensor

Companies providing teeth and gums data sets:

  1. 3D Science
  2. Teeth and gums models, 3D Science
  3. 3D Studio
  4. GamasUtraExchange

Companies Making Digital Cameras and Related Equipments:

Cell Phone Cemeras

  1. Sony QX100 and QX10
  2. Images for QX100
  3. Sony QX100 and QX10 demo
  4. Altek Cubic

Camera's Nodal Point, EFL, BFL, F/No, DPI, PPI

  1. What is a nodal point of a camera?
  2. How to find your camera's Nodal Point
  3. Determining the Nodal Point of your camera (in Chinese)
  4. IVPV Handbook of optics
  5. The Myth of DPI
  6. Changing the DPI

Related Patents sites

  1. Acquisition of 3D Scenes with a Single Hand Held Camera (full paper, 1999)
  2. US Patent 6643396 (Acquisition of 3-D scenes with a single hand held camera))
  3. US Patent 5532777
  4. US Patent 5828913
  5. US Patent 5883662

3D display technology, 3D PC's

  1. 3D Display Technology and Game Applications (in Chinese)
  2. 3D Display Technology and Market Forcasts (2008-2015)
  3. Image Synthesis Technology for Multi-view 3D Display(MS Thesis, 2007)
  4. Optimization of Lenticular Stereoscopic Display(Shih-Hsin Univ MS Thesis, 2005)
  5. A 3D Display Apparatus (NKFUST 2007)
  6. Multi-view 3D display using parallax barrier combined with polarizer
  7. Acer
  8. Panasonic Full HD 3D
  9. Blu-ray 3D Disc

Plating and Acrylic companies

  1. Depo Auto Lamps
  2. Elitech Technology (GMPC)
  3. Acrylic specs (including refractive index), Boedeker

USB PC Camera Specification

  1. HYtek Automation

3D lens & 3D Web Cam

  1. Samsung's 3D Lens (I)
  2. Samsung's 3D Lens (II) (video)
  3. Loreo web site
  4. Cyclopital3D: stereo base extenders for dual-lens 3D cameras and 3D camcorders
  5. Loreo's 3D Lens
  6. Minoru 3D Web Cam
  7. Minoru
  8. Minoru User Guide
  9. Lumix 12.5mm 3D lens (pictures shot with Lumix)
  10. Panasonic's single lens solution for 3D
  11. Lumix 12.5mm 3D lens (introduction of the camera)
  12. Lumix 12.5mm 3D lens (testing and applicability review)
  13. Lumix 12.5mm 3D lens (lens structure)
  14. Make your webcam a 3D camera

5D Cameras

  1. Cameron is developing 5D cameras

Bridge Camera

  1. Nikon's bridge camera

Lightfield camera

  1. Tom Malzbender at HP

Depth Computation

  1. XBox 360: Kinect
  2. Z-camera
  3. Canesta
  4. Amchael Visual Technology

Anaglyph images

  1. Anaglyph image(to provide a stereoscopic 3D effect, when viewed with 2-color glasses)
  2. ColorCode 3D

3D Drivers

  1. iz3d

Radiance, Reflectance, Illuminant, observed color, ...

  • Radiance general: June 2005
  • Radiance general: June 2005
  • Radiance scene description
  • Radiance vs reflectance (last page of the PPT)
  • RGB
  • Reflectance and Tecture of Real-World Surfaces

    Info on Depth Computation

    1. Int. Workshop on Depth Image Analysis (WDIA 2012)
    2. Int. Workshop on Depth Image Analysis (WDIA 2012)

    2D/3D Digital Photo Frames

    1. Aiptek
    2. Mustek
    3. Lead Data

    Gesture Control

    1. Kinect
    2. EGIS website
    3. Toshiba AirSwing Gesture Based UI
    4. Omek Interactive
    5. Leap 3D (video)
    6. Leap 3D (news)
    7. Leap Motion controller review
    8. Leap Motion website
    9. Touch Panel based gestrual interface, also called lensless camera (MIT Media Lab)

    3D TV

    1. AUO and Toshiba joined to develop naked-eye 3D TV

    Light Control Panel

    VC Companies

    1. Taiwan VC Association
    2. VC companies in Taiwan

    Lens Testing

    1. Imatest
    2. Photozone

    Copyright a phrase/slogan, Provisional and non-provisional patent application

    1. How
    2. Trademark Electronic Search System (TESS)
    3. Trademark Application and Registration Retrieval System (TARR)
    4. Trademark Electronic Application System (TEAS)
    5. Trademark Action Site
    6. US Patent and Trademark Office
    7. US Provisional Patent Site
    8. Launch EFS-Web Unregistered eFiler (use this site to file Provisional Patent Application)
    9. Guidance for filing provisional patent electronically
    10. Quick start Quide for filing provisional patent electronically
    11. Claiming the Benefit of an Earlier Filing Date (35 USC 119(e); 37 CFR 1.78(a)(4)-(a)(6))
    12. 35 U.S.C. 119(e)
    13. 37 CFR 1.78(a)(4)-(a)(6)
    14. Nonprovisional (Utility) patent application filing guide

    Industrial Alliances

    1. Working with Kodak
    2. Relationship strategy
    3. Kodak's Executive Team

    IR Cameras

    1. Infrared Cameras Inc. (ICI-7640)
    2. How to make a webcam into an infrared camera?

    3D Printer

    1. The CUBE 3D Printer
    2. Bits From Bytes
    3. 3D Printer UP Taiwan Distributor(Guo-Hang Technology)

    Document Cameras

    1. Hilife Tech
    2. iPevo
    3. Smart Tech
    4. Epson DC-10s
    5. Sam Sung Presenter USA
    6. Lumens

    Optical Mouse Sensors

    1. PixArt Imaging Inc. (原相)

    Air (3D) Mice, Remote Control, Set top Box, Presenter

    1. Logitech's MX Air Mouse (a demo at Youtube)
    2. Gyration's Air Mouse Suite
    3. KehWin Air Mouse
    4. Shenzhen D&H Technology Co. (Set-top box)
    5. PandaWill
    6. Apple
    7. Apple (oversea CN)
    8. Apple (oversea TW)
    9. Apple (oversea HK)
    10. Apple (oversea AU)
    11. HP
    12. HP (oversea)
    13. Nintendo's Wii
    14. Wii_U
    15. Skyworth TV (#1 in China)/Smart TV
    16. Hillcrest Freespace
    17. Philips uWand
    18. Philips uWand/Smart TV
    19. How uWand works
    20. Azimuth, Pitch, roll
    21. Yaw, pitch, and roll rotations
    22. Guide to using Accelerometer and Gyroscope sensors
    23. Compute acceleration from output of Accelerometer
    24. G-sensor: Frank's IT website
    25. SPI & IIC
    26. Google's new set top box
    27. Dell
    28. Dell (oversea)

    Handset unit news

    1. Lenova nears $3 billion deal to buy Google's handset unit

    In-cell Touch LCD

    1. LCD
    2. Optical film (should be merged with LCD)

    Venture Capital firms in Bay Areas

    1. National Venture Capital Association
    2. Benchmark
    3. New Atlantic Ventures

    Internet Fund Raising Platforms

    1. FlyingV
    2. Kick Starter
    3. Indiegogo

    Equipment suppliers in Taiwan

    1. Group Purchasing
    2. Ming-Ren Computers

    Information about Index Server

    1. Index Server Faq
    2. Web Robots Faq
    3. Web Robots Pages

    Anti-virus software, HTML sites

    1. McaFee's Stinger program
    2. (NCSU) HTML Basics

    Writing Business Plan and Milestones

    1. How to write a business plan
    2. sample business plans
    3. Milestones make your business plan a real plan