The Glaive Narrative Planner

Glaive is a fast planning algorithm which leverages computational models of narrative to solve multi-agent coordination problems often encountered in stories. Each character has its own goals and should only act on those goals, but the group as a whole needs to be shepherded toward an author goal as if by an invisible puppetmaster. Each character should appear to act only on its own goals, cooperating and conflicting with other agents along the way to the author's desired outcome.

The Glaive planner:


  • Pure Java 1.7 (no additional libraries required)
  • Input and output based on PDDL 3
  • Full ADL support (negative preconditions, typed objects, equality, conditional effects, first-order quantifiers)
  • Domain axioms
  • Can read in a partial plan which must appear as a subsequence in the solution


The current version of Glaive can be downloaded here:

Glaive, version 1.1

This includes:

  • Executable JAR file
  • Full Java 1.7 source as an Eclipse project archive
  • README file
  • 8 test problems and a batch file to run them