Yiddish Song Database

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This database catalogues the Robert and Molly Freedman Archive of Jewish Music at the University of Pennsylvania Library. It contains 1720 recordings, which comprise 24886 selections. Robert Freedman built the database in DBASE 4.15; Raphael Finkel translated it into Qddb for this web page. You can also go directly to U Penn and search there.

For information about the collection at the University of Pennsylvania, contact Michael Ryan, Director of Special Collections or visit the web page for the Department of Special Collections.

Query format: any number of words, case insensitive. If you provide multiple words, any entry that matches every word will be returned. You can separate words with -o for "or" and with ! for "but not". Surround such separators with white space. Search looks at all data fields.

Show Hebrew/Yiddish in Unicode UTF-8

Show Hebrew/Yiddish in Robert Freedman's encoding

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