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Headword: *sundie/fere
Adler number: sigma,1456
Translated headword: was sharing the burden
Vetting Status: high
[Meaning he/she/it] was waging war alongside, was fighting alongside. "At first he was sharing with him the burden of the war; thereafter, having become enamoured of a young woman, he contrived treachery in return for money".[1]
Greek Original:
*sundie/fere: sunekro/tei. sunhgwni/zeto. ta\ me\n prw=ta sundie/feren au)tw=| to\n po/lemon: e)/peita pallakh=s e)rasqei\s sune/qeto prodosi/an e)pi\ xrh/masi.
The headword is imperfect indicative active, third person singular, of the doubly compound verb sundiafe/rw. It is not found in related lexica and was presumably extracted from the quoted passage.
[1] A quotation (transmitted, in Adler's view, via the Excerpta Constantini Porphyrogeniti) from an unidentifiable historical work. (The term pallakh/ [pi 38] often means a concubine, but probably not here; see LSJ s.v.)
Keywords: biography; definition; dialects, grammar, and etymology; economics; ethics; gender and sexuality; historiography; history; military affairs; women
Translated by: Philip Rance on 20 February 2012@03:59:48.
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Headword: *)aarw/n
Adler number: alpha,6
Translated headword: Aaron
Vetting Status: high
Proper name.
Greek Original:
*)aarw/n: o)/noma ku/rion.
Same entry, according to Adler, in the Ambrosian Lexicon.
Hebrew אהרון, brother of Moses (mu 1348); Aaron is also mentioned in nu 1, omicron 68.
See web address 1 below for the entry in the Catholic Encyclopedia on Aaron.
Associated internet address:
Web address 1
Keywords: biography; definition; religion
Translated by: Anne Mahoney on 21 August 1998@16:48:52.
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Samuel Huskey (added link to Catholic Encyclopedia entry "Aaron") on 15 July 2000@14:22:28.
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Headword: *)aba/nteios
Adler number: alpha,15
Translated headword: Abanteios, Abantius, Abantian
Vetting Status: high
The [house][1] of Abas.[2] Also [attested is] Abantiades.[3]
Greek Original:
*)aba/nteios: o( tou= *)/abantos. kai\ *)abantia/dhs.
Adler cites as a comparandum Lexicon Ambrosianum 22, 23, 28.
[1] This suppletion is suggested by the corresponding entry in the Lexicon of pseudo-Zonaras 5.1, which is identical to this entry apart from the headword phrase: vs. *)aba/nteios here, ps.-Zonaras has *)aba/nteios do/mos ('Abantian house'). The headword here could serve as a modifier for any substantive of the masculine gender, including a son or descendant, as is suggested by the subsequent reference to a patronymic form. The adjective is unattested outside of grammars and lexica, and ps.-Zonaras provides the only example of it modifying a specific substantive. Stephanus of Byzantium in his entry on 'Abantis', an early name for Euboea (cf. Hesiod fr. 296 Merkelbach-West), notes it as the possessive adjective relating to the Abantes or to their legendary founder Abas, whom Stephanos identifies either as the son of Lynkeus (see note 2 below) or a homonymous son of Poseidon. Cf. also Herodianus Peri orthographias 3.2.429.34 and 465.14.
[2] Not the Abas of alpha 20, but one of the mythological figures of that name; in fact almost certainly A. the son of Lynkeus, king of Argos [Myth, Place] after Danaos and father of the twins Akrisios and Proitos (Pausanias 2.16.2 (web address 1); Apollodorus, Library 2.2.1 (web address 2)).
[3] This term is used by (e.g.) Ovid both for an actual son of Abas (Metamorphoses 4.607 (Acrisius): web address 3) and in the sense of a more distant descendant (4.673 (Perseus, great-grandson of Abas; cf. pi 1372): web address 4).
Associated internet addresses:
Web address 1,
Web address 2,
Web address 3,
Web address 4
Keywords: biography; dialects, grammar, and etymology; geography; mythology; poetry
Translated by: Anne Mahoney on 22 August 1998@12:47:27.
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Headword: *dindu/mois
Adler number: delta,1127
Translated headword: in Didyma
Vetting Status: high
[It is recorded that] those living in Milesian Didyma, in seeking favor with Xerxes, betrayed the temple of the indigenous Apollo to the barbarians. Also look under Branchidai.[1]
Greek Original:
*dindu/mois: o(/ti oi( e)n *dindu/mois th=s *milhsi/as oi)kou=ntes *ce/rch| xarizo/menoi to\n new\n tou= e)pixwri/ou *)apo/llwnos toi=s barba/rois prou)/dosan. kai\ zh/tei e)n tw=| *bragxi/dai.
[1] beta 514, whence this entry has been extracted. See the notes there.
Keywords: biography; ethics; geography; history; military affairs; religion
Translated by: Ross Scaife ✝ on 10 October 2002@11:05:41.
Vetted by:
Catharine Roth (augmented note, added keywords) on 10 October 2002@17:17:43.
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Headword: *)/abaris
Adler number: alpha,18

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