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Headword: *la/mex
Adler number: lambda,83
Translated headword: Lamech
Vetting Status: high
Scripture mentions two Lamechs, one being the descendant of Cain, the other being the descendant of Enoch. For Noah had been begotten through Lamech, the one who is not [a descendant] from Cain, who had killed a man and also a youth for wounding him[1], and when he had committed two murders he also took their two wives, Eldah and Zillah.[2] He accuses himself to be worthy of punishment seventy-seven times. From Cain, he says, seven times punishment was exacted, but from Lamech, seventy-seven times.[3] He is punished more greatly, because he did not learn anything from the fall of the first sinner. He slew the brothers of the righteous Enoch, who prayed in faith because of this that he might not see such a death, and having been heard he was taken away.[4] But Enoch was [a descendant] of the righteous Seth, from whom Christ was descended, as his genealogy is recorded by Luke.[5] For he was eager that the seed of the impious [ones] be taken out of the race of the just [ones], since fear of God is an abomination to a sinner. For even the family and the seed of Cain were condemned, but those from Seth were praised. And God did not wish for the race of the righteous to become mixed with the [race of] the impious, but [for the latter] to be obliterated. Therefore since they were committing murder and taking their women, the giants bore portentous monsters,[6] because of whom the cataclysm came and destroyed everything utterly. Only Noah was found righteous in his generation, wherefore he was saved.[7]
Greek Original:
*la/mex: du/o *la/mex h( grafh\ me/mnhtai, e(no\s me\n tou= a)po\ *ka/i+n, e(no\s de\ tou= patro\s *)enw/x. gege/nnhtai ga\r *nw=e dia\ *la/mex ou)k e)k tou= a)po\ *ka/i+n, tou= kai\ pefoneuko/tos a)/ndra te kai\ neani/skon ei)s mw/lwpa, kai\ w(s du/o fo/nous pepoihkw\s kai\ tw=n du/o ta\s gunai=kas ei)lhfw\s *)elda\n kai\ *sella/n: e(autou= katame/mfetai e(bdomhkonta/kis e(pta\ a)/cion ei)=nai kola/sews. e)k me\n tou= *ka/i+n, fhsi/n, e)kdedi/khtai e(pta/kis, e)k de\ *la/mex e(bdomhkonta/kis e(pta/. kola/zetai meizo/nws, dio/ti th=| ptw/sei tou= prohmarthko/tos ou)k e)swfroni/sqh. tou= dikai/ou ga\r *)enw\x a)delfou\s a)nei=le tou= pi/stei dia\ tou=to proseucame/nou mh\ i)dei=n toiou=ton qa/naton, kai\ a)kousqei\s metete/qh. h)=n de\ o( *)enw\x e)k tou= dikai/ou *sh/q, e)c ou(= o( *xristo\s kata/getai genealogou/menos u(po\ *louka=. e)spou/dazen ou)=n tw=n a)sebw=n to\ spe/rma tw=n dikai/wn e)ca=rai to\ ge/nos, e)peidh\ ga\r bde/lugma a(martwlw=| qeose/beia. kai\ ga\r to\ ge/nos kai\ to\ spe/rma tou= me\n *ka/i+n kathra/qh, tou= de\ *sh\q eu)logh/qh. kai\ ou)k e)bou/leto o( qeo\s e)pimici/an gene/sqai tw=n dikai/wn to\ ge/nos pro\s to\ tw=n a)sebw=n, a)ll' e)caleifqh=nai. e)pei\ ou)=n e)fo/neuon kai\ e)la/mbanon ta\s gunai=kas au)tw=n, e)cai/sia te/rata e)ti/ktonto oi( gi/gantes, di' ou(\s kai\ o( kataklusmo\s e)lqw\n pa/ntas a)/rdhn a)pw/lese. mo/nos eu(/rhtai di/kaios *nw=e e)n th=| genea=| au)tou=. dio\ kai\ e)fula/xqh.
George the Monk, Chronicon 45.22-47.5.
See the Jewish Encyclopedia entry on Lamech at web address 1. One Lamech appears as the son of Methushael and descendant of Cain's son Enoch at Genesis 4:18 ff. Another is mentioned in Genesis 5:25 as the son of Methuselah, grandson of Enoch, and descendant of Seth. These may be variant traditions of the descendants of Adam.
[1] At Genesis 4:23 LXX it seems that there was only one murder, not two. George has misinterpreted the parallelism of Hebrew style. He also seems to have added the detail that the women were widows of the slain men.
[2] Ada and Sella in Vulgate Genesis 4:23, and *)ada and *sella in Genesis 4:23 LXX, but here *)elda and *sella.
[3] Genesis 4:24 LXX (web address 2).
[4] cf. Sirach 44:16.
[5] Luke lists Christ's genealogy in Luke 3:36-38 (web address 3). For Seth see sigma 295.
[6] cf. Genesis 6:1-4.
[7] Noah has a very brief entry at nu 531.
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Keywords: biography; Christianity; chronology; ethics; history; law; religion; women
Translated by: Kevin Arrowood on 10 December 2002@13:35:38.
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