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Headword: *dio/dwros
Adler number: delta,1149
Translated headword: Diodoros, Diodorus, Diodore
Vetting Status: high
[sc. At first] a monk, [sc. but later] in the times of Julian and Valens[1] bishop of Tarsus of Cilicia. He wrote a variety of things, as Theodore Lector[2] says in his Ecclesiastical History. They are as follows: Interpretations on the entire Old Testament: Genesis, Exodus, and so forth; and On the Psalms; On the Four Books of the Kingdoms;[3] On Inquiries into the Books of Chronicles, On the Proverbs, What is the Difference between Exposition[4] and Allegory, On Ecclesiastes, On the Song of Songs, On the Prophets, Chronology, straightening out the error of Eusebius [the spiritual son] of Pamphilos[5] about the times, On the Four Gospels, On the Acts of the Apostles, On the Epistle of John the Evangelist, About the One God in Three, Against the Melchisedekites,[6] Against the Jews, About the Resurrection of the Dead, About the Soul against the Various Heresies Concerning It, Chapters to Gratian,[7] Against Astronomers and Astrologers and Fate, About the Sphere and the Seven Zones and of the Contrary Motion of the Stars, About Hipparchus'[8] Sphere, About Providence, Against Plato on God and the Gods, On Nature and Matter, in which is "What is the Just," Concerning God and the Falsely Imagined Matter of the Greeks, That the Unseen Natures are not from the Elements but Were Made from Nothing along with the Elements, To the Philosopher Euphronius[9] by way of Question and Answer, Against Aristotle concerning Celestial Body, How Hot is the Sun, Against Those Who Say the Heaven is a Living Being, Concerning the Question of How the Creator is Forever but the Created is Not, How is there the Capacity to Will and to be Unwilling in the God who is Eternal, Against Porphyry[10] about Animals and Sacrifices.
Greek Original:
*dio/dwros, mona/zwn, e)n toi=s xro/nois *)ioulianou= kai\ *ou)a/lentos e)piskoph/sas *tarsw=n th=s *kiliki/as. ou(=tos e)/grayen, w(/s fhsi *qeo/dwros *)anagnw/sths e)n th=| e)kklhsiastikh=| i(stori/a|, dia/fora. ei)si\ de\ ta/de: *(ermhnei=ai ei)s th\n palaia\n pa=san: *ge/nesin, *)/ecodon kai\ e)fech=s: kai\ *ei)s *yalmou/s: *ei)s ta\s d# *basilei/as: *ei)s ta\ zhtou/mena tw=n *paraleipome/nwn, *ei)s ta\s *paroimi/as, *ti/s diafora\ qewri/as kai\ a)llhgori/as, *ei)s to\n *)ekklhsiasth/n, *ei)s to\ a)=|sma tw=n a)|sma/twn, *ei)s tou\s profh/tas, *xroniko/n, diorqou/menon to\ sfa/lma *eu)sebi/ou tou= *pamfi/lou peri\ tw=n xro/nwn, *ei)s ta\ d# *eu)agge/lia, *ei)s ta\s pra/ceis tw=n *)aposto/lwn, *ei)s th\n e)pistolh\n *)iwa/nnou tou= *eu)aggelistou=, *peri\ tou=, ei(=s qeo\s e)n tria/di, *kata\ *melxisedekitw=n, *kata\ *)ioudai/wn, *peri\ nekrw=n a)nasta/sews, *peri\ yuxh=s kata\ diafo/rwn peri\ au)th=s ai(re/sewn, *pro\s *gratiano\n kefa/laia, *kata\ a)strono/mwn kai\ a)strolo/gwn kai\ ei(marme/nhs, *peri\ sfai/ras kai\ tw=n z# zwnw=n kai\ th=s e)nanti/as tw=n a)ste/rwn porei/as, *peri\ th=s *(ippa/rxou sfai/ras, *peri\ pronoi/as, *kata\ *pla/twnos peri\ qeou= kai\ qew=n, *peri\ fu/sews kai\ u(/lhs, e)n w(=|, ti/ to\ di/kaio/n e)sti, *peri\ qeou= kai\ u(/lhs *(ellhnikh=s peplasme/nhs, *(/oti ai( a)o/ratoi fu/seis ou)k e)k tw=n stoixei/wn, a)ll' e)k mhdeno\s meta\ tw=n stoixei/wn e)dhmiourgh/qhsan, *pro\s *eu)fro/nion filo/sofon kata\ peu=sin kai\ a)po/krisin, *kata\ *)aristote/lous peri\ sw/matos ou)rani/ou, *pw=s qermo\s o( h(/lios, *kata\ tw=n lego/ntwn zw=|on to\n ou)rano/n, *peri\ tou= pw=s a)ei\ me\n o( dhmiourgo/s, ou)k a)ei\ de\ ta\ dhmiourgh/mata, *pw=s to\ qe/lein kai\ to\ mh\ qe/lein e)pi\ qeou= a)i+di/ou o)/ntos, *kata\ *porfuri/ou peri\ zw/|wn kai\ qusiw=n.
Born Antioch, date unknown; died Tarsus 390 CE. Doctrinally associated with the interpretative school of Antioch, in opposition to that of Alexandria. See vol. 1, pp. 452-54 of the Cayré work below and pp. 191-99 of Young. Julian [next note] delivered a thundering denunciation of Diodorus quoted in Young, p. 193.
[1] He became bishop in 378, so these chronological indicators are somewhat wide of the mark: Julian the Apostate reigned 361-363; Valens -- after the eight months of Jovian -- was Eastern emperor (while his brother Valentinian ruled the West) 364-378. It was indeed Valens' death which made Diodorus' bishopric possible.
[2] In Greek, Theodore Anagnostes, a church historian of the early sixth century. See Cayré, vol. 2, p. 112.
[3] What Protestant Bibles would call First and Second Samuel and First and Second Kings.
[4] "Exposition" inadequately represents qewri/a here. It is a technical term in the interpretative School of Antioch, signifying "an exposition of the spiritual significance of Scripture" in opposition to the allegorical interpretation of the School of Alexandria. See Cayré, pp. 453-54, and the Lampe work in the bibliography, s.v. qewri/a, D2.
[5] The church historian Eusebius of Caesarea. See epsilon 3737 and OCD(4) s.v. (pp.565-6).
[6] A sect, or rather a movement, beginning in the second century which gave the Melchizedek of Genesis 14:18-20 and Hebrews 6:6-10 an angelic or even divine status above that of Christ. It is exhaustively dealt with on pp. 87-101 of the work by Horton listed below.
[7] gamma 427.
[8] An astronomer of the second century BCE: iota 521 and OCD(4) 685-6 'Hipparchus(3)'.
[9] Otherwise unattested. Harnack suggested that the name should be Euphrasios.
[10] The third-century Neoplatonist. See pi 2098 and web address 1.
Cayré, F. (Fulbert), Manual of Patrology and History of Theology. Translated by H. Howitt. Paris 1935.
Horton, Fred L., Jr., The Melchizedek Tradition. Cambridge: University Press, 1976.
Lampe, G. W. H., A Patristic Greek Lexicon. Oxford: Clarendon, 1964.
Young, Frances M., From Nicaea to Chalcedon. Philadelphia: Fortress Press, 1983.
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Keywords: biography; Christianity; chronology; ethics; geography; history; philosophy; religion; science and technology; zoology
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