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Headword: *)epistolh\ *)anastasi/as th=s ma/rturos pro\s *xruso/gonon
Adler number: chi,574
Translated headword: Epistle of Anastasia the martyr to Chrysogonos
Vetting Status: high
"Anastasia to the holy confessor of Christ Chrysogonos, greetings! Although my father used to worship the idols very much, nevertheless my mother Phaneia, being always one of the Christians, from the time she gave birth to me, made me a Christian. But after her death I was yoked to a most despicable husband. By the grace of God I escaped from marriage with him, beseeching our Lord Jesus Christ night and day to be saved from that despicable idolater, who is proved [to be wasting?] my property continually, [and] has squandered it with despicable and idolatrous men, but me he has handed over like a scapegoat and sacrilegious person to a most severe guard, so as to destroy my temporal life; and nothing but my soul is left to me, except that I pray to die with the hope of God. Nevertheless, even if I boast in the confession of my Christ, I am very much grieved that my property, which I vowed to spend for the servants of God, that despicable man dispenses for worship of demons; and what I vowed to give to the servants of God, he gives to shameful and unholy men. And for this reason I beseech you, servant of Christ God, to petition God urgently on my behalf, that if God provides, my husband Publius may come to believe in Christ, but if not, grant him to perish in his own deceits, but me to be saved from him. For it is better for me to die than to deny the Son of God and to hinder those who believe in him. The all-powerful Christ himself bears witness, when I am relieved from this error, I will be faithful to the saints and I will accept care for them as I began. Farewell, servant of God, and remember me."
When Chrysogonos received [this letter] he wrote as follows: “Chrysogonos to Anastasia, greetings! May Christ who walked on the waves help you as you are bestormed by the gales of life, so that you may nullify the power of the Devil by his word. With good courage and as if lying in the middle of the sea, trust in Christ to watch over you; and turning to yourself cry out with the prophet who said, ‘Why are you exceedingly grieved, my soul?’[1] and so on. For the power of God’s grace is demonstrated twice, for both the temporal things abound for you and the heavenly things will be added to you. But God turns away from those who fail to call upon him because of good things, for his grace is not cheap. See, do not be shaken by this, because the opposite things happen to you as you persevere in piety. For Christ does not deceive you, but he is testing you, and help from men is not secure, as you suppose, since Scripture says, ‘Cursed is the man who hopes in men,'[2] and blessed is the man who hopes in God.[3] Look nobly and watchfully and clearly, flee every sin. Seek this comfort from God; keep his commandments. For already the time of salvation will come to you, and as if after a dark night the brilliant light of God will shine on you, and as if after a storm a joyous and fair season will smile on you; and as to all those who suffer tribulation because of God, he/it will provide you temporary endurance because of which you will receive the eternal reward. Farewell in the Lord and pray for me.”
And again the same woman writes to the same man: “Anastasia to Chrysogonos the confessor of Christ, greetings! Because the end is here for my body, pray for me, that he for whose sake I endure these tribulations may receive my soul.“
To these [words] Chrysogonos wrote in return as follows: “Chryosogonos to the handmaid of God Anastasia! It is clear that light reveals darkness; so also salvation comes after weakness, and life is given after death to those who are worthy. For good fortune and ill fortune in human affairs have the same end, so that neither the humble may be gloomy nor the proud boast. For there is one sea, on which the boat of our body runs, and it is guided straight by one pilot. Those whose ships are strengthened at the keels run unharmed over the sea; but the weak [ships] are at risk even without waves, in calm weather itself. For those who do not strive towards the harbor of salvation are near to destruction. But you being an uncondemned handmaid of Christ make the Cross powerful in your whole soul and prepare yourself for salvation, so that you may be numbered with the martyrs of Christ.”
Greek Original:
*)epistolh\ *)anastasi/as th=s ma/rturos pro\s *xruso/gonon. tw=| a(gi/w| o(mologhth=| *xristou= *xrusogo/nw| *)anastasi/a xai/rein. ei) kai\ ma/lista o( e)mo\s path\r ta\ ei)/dwla proseku/nei, a)ll' ou)=n h( mh/thr mou *fa/neia, dia\ panto\s e)n *xristianoi=s ou)=sa, e)co/tou me e)ge/nnhse, *xristianh/n me e)poi/hse. meta\ de\ to\n qa/naton au)th=s e)zeu/xqhn a)ndri\ miarwta/tw|, ou(=tinos xa/riti qeou= th\n suna/feian die/fugon, deome/nh tou= kuri/ou h(mw=n *)ihsou= *xristou= nukto/s te kai\ h(me/ras r(usqh=nai a)po\ tou= miarou= ei)dwlola/trou e)kei/nou, o(/stis th\n e)mh\n periousi/an e(ch=s diafai/netai, meta\ miarw=n kai\ ei)dwlolatrw=n a)ndrw=n e)ch/ntlhsen, e)me\ de\ w(sanei\ farmako\n kai\ i(ero/sulon baruta/th| fulakh=| parade/dwken, w(/ste me th\n pro/skairon a)pole/sai zwh/n: kai\ ou)de/n moi pare\c th=s yuxh=s perile/leiptai. plh\n eu)/xomai meta\ th=s tou= qeou= e)lpi/dos a)poqanei=n. o(/mws, ei) kai\ kauxw=mai e)n th=| o(mologi/a| tou= *xristou= mou, pa/nu lupou=mai, o(/ti th\n e)mh\n periousi/an, h(\n hu)xo/mhn peri\ tou\s dou/lous tou= qeou= dapanh=sai, o( miaro\s e)kei=nos a)/nqrwpos daimonola/trais e)pixorhgei=: kai\ a(/per e)gw\ e)pidou=nai toi=s tou= qeou= dou/lois hu)xo/mhn, tau=ta ai)sxroi=s kai\ a)nosi/ois a)nqrw/pois e)pidi/dwsi. kai\ dia\ tou=to parakalw= se, dou=le *xristou= tou= qeou=, i(/na spoudai/ws u(pe\r e)mou= to\n qeo\n duswph/sh|s, w(/ste, ei) me\n proginw/skei o( qeo/s, pisteu=sai to\n e)mo\n a)/ndra *po/plion ei)s to\n *xristo/n: ei) de\ mh/ ge, sugxwrh=sai au)to\n tai=s oi)kei/ais e)napole/sqai a)pa/tais, e)me\ de\ r(u/sasqai a)p' au)tou=. ka/llion ga/r moi to\ a)poqanei=n h)\ to\n ui(o\n tou= qeou= a)parnh/sasqai kai\ toi=s pisteu/ousin ei)s au)to\n e)mpodi/sai. au)to\s de\ o( pantoduna/sths *xristo\s mar- turei=, o(/tan a)pallagh/swmai th=s pla/nhs tau/ths, toi=s a(gi/ois proskarterh/sw kai\ ta\s u(pe\r au)tw=n fronti/das, kaqa/per h)rca/mhn, me/xri panto\s a)nade/comai. e)/rrwso, dou=le tou= qeou=, kai\ me/mnhso/ mou. o( de\ *xruso/gonos deca/menos e)/grayen ou(/tws. *xruso/gonos *)anastasi/a| xai/rein. xeimazome/nh| soi tai=s que/llais tou= bi/ou o( e)pi\ tw=n kuma/twn badi/sas *xristo\s bohqh/soi, i(/na th\n tou= *diabo/lou du/namin tw=| lo/gw| au)tou= katargh/sh|s. megalofro/nws toi/nun kai\ w(sanei\ e)n me/sh| th=| qala/ssh| keime/nh, pi/steuson tw=| *xristw=| e)piske/yasqai/ se: kai\ pro\s e(auth\n e)pistre/yasa a)nabo/hson meta\ tou= profh/tou, ei)po/ntos: i(/na ti/ peri/lupos ei)=, h( yuxh/ mou, kai\ ta\ e(ch=s. diplh= ga\r h( du/namis th=s tou= qeou= xa/ritos a)podei/knutai. kai\ ga\r ta\ pro/skaira/ soi peritteu/sei, kai\ prosteqh/setai/ soi ta\ e)poura/nia. o( de\ qeo\s tou\s mh\ parakalou=ntas au)to\n u(pe\r a)gaqw=n a)postre/fetai. ou)de\ ga/r e)stin eu)tele\s to\ xa/risma au)tou=. ble/pe, mh\ taraxqh=|s e)n tou/tw|, o(/ti eu)sebw=s diaginome/nh| soi pro\s to\n *xristo\n sumbai/nei ta)nanti/a. ou)de\ ga\r a)pata=| se o( *xristo/s, a)lla\ dokima/zei se. ou)/te a)sfalh/s e)stin para\ tw=n a)nqrw/pwn boh/qeia, w(s su\ nomi/zeis, th=s grafh=s legou/shs: e)pikata/ratos a)/nqrwpos o( e)lpi/zwn e)p' a)/nqrwpon, kai\ eu)loghme/nos o( a)/nqrwpos o( e)lpi/zwn e)pi\ to\n qeo/n. ble/pe gennai/ws kai\ a)gru/pnws kai\ tranw=s dia/fuge pa=san a(marti/an. tau/thn para\ tou= qeou= zh/thson paramuqi/an, ou(= tinos ta\s e)ntola\s fu/latte. h)/dh ga\r o( th=s swthri/as kairo\s e)leu/setai e)pi/ se, kai\ kaqa/per meta\ skoteinh\n nu/kta to\ diauge\s fw=s tou= qeou= e)pila/myei soi, kai\ kaqa/per meta\ xeimw=na i(laro/s soi kai\ eu)/dios e)pigela/sei kairo/s, kai\ w(s pa=si toi=s dia\ to\n qeo\n qlibome/nois, para/sxh| soi th\n pro/skairon u(pomonh/n, di' h(\n to\n ai)w/nion a)polh/yh| misqo/n. e)/rrwso e)n kuri/w| kai\ eu)/xou u(pe\r e)mou=. kai\ au)=qis gra/fei h( au)th\ pro\s to\n au)to/n. *xrusogo/nw| tw=| o(mologhth=| tou= *xristou= *)anastasi/a xai/rein. o(/ti to\ te/los pa/resti tw=| sw/mati/ mou, eu)/xou u(pe\r e)mou=, i(/na e)kei=no/s mou a)pode/chtai th\n yuxh/n, di' o(\n tau/tas ta\s qli/yeis u(pome/nw. pro\s tau=ta *xruso/gonos a)nte/grayen ou(/tws. th=| tou= qeou= dou/lh| *)anastasi/a| *xruso/gonos. dhlo/n e)stin, o(/ti to\ fw=s a)pokru/ptei to\ sko/tos: ou(/tw kai\ meta\ a)sqe/neian h( swthri/a e)pe/rxetai, kai\ h( zwh\ meta\ qa/naton toi=s a)ci/ois e)pidi/dotai. to\ ga\r au)to\ e)/xei te/los h(/ te eu)tuxi/a h(/ te dustuxi/a tw=n a)nqrwpi/nwn pragma/twn, i(/na mhde\ oi( tapeinoi\ stugna/zwsi mhde\ oi( megalofronou=ntes kauxh/swntai. mi/a ga\r qa/lassa/ e)stin, e)n h(=| ta\ ploi=a tou= h(mete/rou sw/matos diatre/xei, kai\ u(f' e(no\s kubernh/tou eu)qu/netai. w(=n tinwn toi/nun ai( nau=s i)sxu/rwntai tai=s tropi/sin w)xurwme/nai, a)blabei=s to\ pe/lagos diatre/xousin: ai( de\ a)sqenei=s kai\ di/xa kuma/twn e)p' au)th=s th=s galh/nhs kinduneu/ousin: e)ggu\s ga\r a)pwlei/as ei)si\n ai( mh\ pro\s to\n lime/na th=s swthri/as spouda/zousai e)lqei=n. su\ de\ a)kata/gnwstos tugxa/nousa tou= *xristou= dou/lh to\n stauro\n e)n pa/sh| sou th=| yuxh=| diakra/thson kai\ seauth\n pro\s swthri/an paraskeu/ason, w(/ste meta\ tw=n martu/rwn tou= *xristou= a)riqmhqh=nai/ se.
An abused wife begs a reverse healing miracle from the saint for her pagan husband; the saint urges patience.
[1] Psalms 41.6, 41.12, 42.5 LXX.
[2] Jeremiah 17.5 LXX.
[3] cf. Psalm 33.9 LXX.
F. Halkin, ed., Bibliotheca hagiographica graeca ed. 3 (1957), vol. 1 p. 26, vol. 3 p. 15
Keywords: biography; children; Christianity; daily life; economics; ethics; gender and sexuality; imagery; medicine; religion; science and technology; trade and manufacture; women
Translated by: Catharine Roth on 10 April 2008@12:27:04.
Vetted by:
David Whitehead (more keywords; cosmetics) on 11 April 2008@03:42:35.
Catharine Roth (augmented reference) on 21 April 2008@17:01:11.
David Whitehead (more keywords; raised status) on 14 November 2013@04:56:17.
David Whitehead (coding) on 1 June 2016@06:28:15.
Catharine Roth (tweaked translation) on 1 June 2016@11:28:17.


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