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Headword: Nerôn
Adler number: nu,254
Translated headword: Nero
Vetting Status: high
emperor of [the] Romans. This man, while consolidating his power, drifted into profane doings and practiced deeds foreign to rule, playing the cithara and acting a tragedy and dancing in choruses in the theatres. And in addition to all his unlawful deeds, he added the defilement of fighting against God, becoming the first persecutor of the word of God. And after these things, he killed both his mother[1] and himself.
Nero, while still young, studied with philosophers and was examining closely the things concerning Christ; for he supposed that he was still living among men. And when he understood that [Christ] had been crucified by the Jews, he felt irritation and commanded that the chief priests Annas and Caiaphas and Pilate himself, who had been ruling then, come [to him] in chains. And having presided over the Senate, he learned the things that happened concerning him. Therefore those around Annas and Caiaphas were saying about him that "we handed him over to the laws and we did not err in our loyalty;[2] for the ruler who had authority, did what he wished." Therefore, Nero, irritated, threw Pilate into prison and released those with Annas and Caiaphas. Simon the Magus was then at his prime. And when Peter and Simon were arguing in the presence of Nero, Pilate was brought from the prison. And when the three were standing before Nero, he asked Simon, "Are you the Christ?" and he said, "Yes". Next he asked Peter, "Are you the Christ?" and he said, "No; for while I was standing beside him, he was taken up into heaven". And [Nero] also asked Pilate, "Which out of these men is the one called Christ?". And he said, "Neither one; for on the one hand, Peter became his disciple and was brought into my presence as his disciple and he denied him, saying, 'I do not know the man.'[3] And I let him go. On the other hand, this Simon was in no way known to me, and he had nothing in resemblance to that one; for this one is both Egyptian and quite filled out and with long hair and dark, entirely different from the form of that man". Therefore, the emperor, irritated, on the one hand against Simon, having falsely called himself the Christ, on the other hand against Peter, having denied his teacher, threw them out from the council. He cut off Pilate's head, as one daring to kill such a great man without royal command.
And Nero acquired the name "clay mixed with blood".
[sc. This material] is in the [entry on] Alexander Aigaios.[4]
Greek Original:
Nerôn, basileus Rhômaiôn. houtos krataioumenês autôi tês basileias es anosious praxeis exôkeile kai allotria tês basileias epetêdeuse pragmata, kitharizôn kai tragôidôn kai orchoumenos epi tôn theatrôn. kai pros pasais autou tais athemitourgiais kai to tês theomachias musos prosethêke, diôktês prôtos genomenos tou theiou logou. meta de tauta aneile kai tên mêtera kai heauton. hoti Nerôn eti neos ôn escholaze philosophois kai ta peri tou Christou katemanthanen: eti gar enomizen auton tois anthrôpois sunanastrephesthai. kai mathôn, hoti hupo tôn Ioudaiôn estaurôthê, êganaktêse kai prosetaxen elthein tous hiereis Annan kai Kaïaphan kai auton Pilaton ton archonta tote genomenon sidêrodesmious. kai kathisas epi tês sunklêtou ta peri autou pepragmena katemanthanen. hoi oun peri ton Annan kai Kaïaphan elegon, hoti hêmeis tois nomois auton paredôkamen kai eis kathosiôsin ouch hêmartomen: ho gar archôn exousian echôn hosa êboulêthê epraxen. aganaktêsas oun ho Nerôn Pilaton en tôi desmôtêriôi enebale, tous de peri ton Annan kai Kaïaphan apelusen. êkmaze de tote kai Simôn ho magos. kai dialegomenôn Petrou kai Simônos parousiai Nerônos, êchthê Pilatos apo tou desmôtêriou: kai paristamenôn tôn triôn tôi Nerôni, erôtai ton Simôna, su ei ho Christos; ho de legei, nai. eita erôtai ton Petron, su ei ho Christos; ho de legei, ou: emou gar paristamenou eis ton ouranon anelêphthê. êrôtêse de kai ton Pilaton, poios estin ek toutôn ho legomenos Christos; kai eipen, oude heis: ho men gar Petros mathêtês autou gegone kai eisênechthê par' emoi hôs mathêtês autou kai êrnêsato auton legôn, ouk oida ton anthrôpon: kai apelusa auton. houtos de ho Simôn oudamôs egnôstai moi, oudemian de echei homoiotêta pros ekeinon: esti gar houtos kai Aiguptios kai emplêthês kai katakomos kai melas, pantelôs tês ekeinou morphês allotrios. aganaktêsas oun ho basileus kata men tou Simônos hôs pseusamenou kai eipontos heauton Christon, kata de tou Petrou hôs arnêsamenou ton didaskalon exebalen autous apo tou sunedriou. ton de Pilaton tês kephalês apetemen hôs têlikouton anthrôpon anelein tolmêsanta dicha basilikês prostaxeôs. hôs de eklêthê ho Nerôn pêlos haimati pephurmenos. keitai en tôi Alexandros Aigaios.
Ruled AD 54-68. See generally Miriam Griffin in OCD(4) s.v.; and De Imperatoribus Romanis entry by Herbert Benario at web address 1. The present entry begins with George the Monk, Chronicon 381.19-382.1, before turning (at greater length) to John of Antioch fr.90 FHG (4.574), now 172 Roberto.
[1] Agrippina.
[2] cf. kappa 122.
[3] Matthew 26.70, 72, 74 (web address 2); Mark 14.71 (web address 3); Luke 22.57 (web address 4).
[4] alpha 1128.
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Web address 1,
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Web address 3,
Web address 4
Keywords: biography; Christianity; clothing; ethics; geography; historiography; history; law; meter and music; philosophy; religion; stagecraft; women
Translated by: Cindy Whitcomb on 9 December 2002@13:56:16.
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