Yiddish clubs and organizations

The clubs meet weekly and are free unless otherwise noted. Virtual meeting times are all for New York, USA (Eastern time); in-person times are local to the event. The organizations often have classes.

Group Times Contact Other info Languages Virtual/In-person Content Level
ייִדיש אומבאַצױמט Fri 1p-2p רפֿאל פֿינקל Yiddish, English Virtual Readings Advanced
Houston Yiddish Vinkel Tue 11:30a-1p Mina Graur Web Yiddish, English Virtual Songs, readings Beginner — Advanced
Fishl's Yiddish Group Tue 2p-3p Fishl Kutner, Assia Azenkot Sign up Yiddish, English Virtual Speakers, discussion Beginner — Advanced
YIVO Yiddish Club Tue 2p-3p Shane Baker Sign up Yiddish, English Virtual Speakers, humor, multimedia, readings Intermediate — Advanced
KlezCalifornia various E-Mail Web Yiddish, English Virtual, In person Speakers, humor, multimedia, readings Beginner — Advanced
Yiddish bay nakht Wed 8p-9p Michael Moore Yiddish, English Virtual Film, discussion Beginner — Intermediate
Yiddishkayt Initiative 12n-1p, 2p-3p, 6:30p-7:30p (occasional) Avi Hoffman web Yiddish, English, Spanish Virtual Discussion Beginner — Intermediate
Weisman Center Yiddish Club (Delray Beach, FL) Fri 10a-11:30a (not in Summer) Steven Lasky Yiddish, English Fee, In Person Conversation, readings, discussion, songs, film Beginning - Advanced
Yiddish Language Meetup Sun 7p-8p (monthly) Howard Schoenfeld Yiddish, English Virtual Discussion Beginner — Intermediate
Yiddish Book Club Wed 1:30p-2:45p Marsha Love Recordings Yiddish, English Virtual Readings Advanced
Jewish Women of the Landings Thu 4p-5p (3rd Thu, alternate months) Melinda Stein 5 Half Moon Ct. Savannah, GA 3141 English, Yiddish In-person Film, discussion Beginner — Intermediate
Workers Circle of Northern California 4:15p-5:45p (beginner: bi-weekly), 6p-7:30p (intermediate, bi-weekly) Sharon Wilensky English, Yiddish Fee, Virtual Culture Beginner — Intermediate
Yiddish Tish Wed 5p-6p (monthly) Silvia Hansman IWO, Buenos Aires Yiddish, Spanish Virtual Readings, discussion Advanced
World Zumzits Sun 1p-2p (4th Sun of the month) Arnold Garber, Eli Goldstein Zoom 840 2596 6448 pass 1234 Yiddish Virtual Discussion, speakers Intermediate — Advanced
Cleveland Leyenkreis Wed 1p-2p (1st Wed of the month) Rabbi Alan Lettofsky English, Yiddish Virtual Readings, discussion, songs, films Intermediate — Advanced
Allentown PA Yiddish Club Mon 2p-3p Janis Mikofsky English, Yiddish Virtual Songs, videos, parsha, jokes Beginner — Advanced
Yiddish Shtibl Fri 3a-4a Eli Goldstein Johannesburg English, Yiddish Virtual Culture, speakers, discussion Beginner — Intermediate
Monticello Yiddish Circle Wed 10:30a-12n (every other Wed) Myron Gittell and Rich Chigar Norris room, Ethelbert Crawford Library, Monticello NY English, Yiddish In-person Culture, discussion Beginner — Intermediate
Workers Circle Various Info Web English, Yiddish Fee, Virtual Classes Beginner — Advanced
Yiddishland California (YAAANA) Various Info Web Yiddish, English Fee, Virtual, In-person Classes, activities Beginner — Advanced
YIVO Various Info Web Yiddish, English Fee, Virtual, In-person (New York) Classes, Lectures Beginner — Advanced
Chicago YIVO Society Various Info Web Yiddish, English Fee, Virtual, In-person (Chicago) Classes, Lectures, Concerts Beginner — Advanced
Yiddish Singing Society Tue 2p-3:15p Josh Waletzky Web Yiddish, English Virtual Songs Beginner — Advanced
Katsinze Leynkrayzl Mon 9-10p (twice monthly) Dr. Murray Blatt Yiddish, English Virtual Readings Intermediate — Advanced