Paradigm Function Morphology

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Paradigm function, like PF(<L, σ>) = III(II(I(Stem(<L,σ>))))
    PF(<L, σ>) =
Rules of referral, like PF(<L, σ:{ 3 sg pres indic }>) = (Y, σ), where PF(<L, σ>) = <Y, τ> and τ = σ/{ 3 sg pres }
Stem operations, like Stem(<BRJÓTA , σ:{ past indic }>)= brut
Rules of exponence, like I, XV[ V2 ], σ:{ sg pres indic } → Xi
Phonological classes, like vowel = a e i o u y
Sandhi, like i Ø / _u, u_
Lexical entries, like Lexeme BRJÓTA Meaning break Category V Inflection class S2a
Paradigm schemata, Inflection class V-S2a { {1/2/3  sg/pl  pres/past   indic/subj} {1/2  pl  impv} },
Show only queries for which we know the true results
Known truths, like GRÍPA:{indic pres sg 3} = grípur,