CS315 information for students


Here is a syllabus of the course .

Class notes

Algorithms dictionary

A nice dictionary of algorithms and data structures. (Available, I hope, after the government shutdown ends.)


The Tau Beta Pi Tutors are available on the third floor of FPAT Sunday through Thursday, typically 2p-6p (each day is different). We have a TA for the course, Patrick Shepherd. His office hours are still in flux. They will be in EE Annex 205.

Assignment 1

Here is assignment 1.
You might want to use this Makefile.

Assignment 2

Here is assignment 2.

Binary and dictionary search

Here is Perl code for binary and dictionary search.


Here is Perl code for partitioning and selecting the kth-smallest element and quicksort.

Selection and insertion sort

Here is Perl code for sorting an array by insertion and selection sort.

Heaps and heap sort

Here is Perl code for priority queues and sorting with heaps.

Red-black trees

Here is Perl code for red-black trees.

Assignment 3

Here is assignment 3.

Assignment 4

Here is assignment 4.

Rabin-Karp text search

Here is Perl code for Rabin-Karp text search.

Assignment 5

Here is assignment 5.

2-3 trees

This web site discusses 2-3 trees.