My self-description from many years ago, when I spent fewer hours/week working: Besides being a computer scientist, engineer, and mathematician, I am a radical, a political activist, a counter-cultural freak, and a writer.

Community Involvement

I am a member of the Lexington Havurah, a congregation of Jews without a building or a rabbi, that conducts services in a cooperative and egalitarian manner.


I have founded or helped found three morris teams:
Lexington's Squash Beetle Morris,
Winnipeg's Winnipeg Mountain Morris,
Princeton Morris, now Millstone River Morris.

You can see some of Dr. Klapper's morris dance choreography if you search YouTube for JudyGoldsmit. Part of the fun of being on the team is the traveling and the cool gigs.

I contra dance with the Lexington Traditional Dance Association, and others. I have called contra dances in Lexington, Louisville, Cincinnati, Bloomington, Indianapolis, Chicago, and even in Florida, as well as open mikes elsewhere.


On our 24th anniversary, Andy Klapper and I were married. I don't like to rush into things!

I am the daughter of theatrical publicists. My mother runs Caryl Goldsmith Group Sales.

Wish List

I wish I had more time to bike, to dance, to hike, to take writing classes, to read, to take other classes, ....

The causes that I would like to be more involved with are generally diversity and social justice issues: Occupy; disability rights and resources; anti-racism; queer community....