European Trip Pictures



I really liked the old woman's face, so I took the picture through my bus window and hers.

Cork 1

A few shots of the University, including the museum that is supposed to give a sense of being a treehouse; the gourmet vegetarian restaurant; a church; birds on the lough; the Red Abbey (with dead pigeon); a local cathedral, and another bird.

Cork 2

Cassell, Ireland2

One ancient church, still functional, and a ruined church, plus Hoar's Abbey out in the distance.


London 1

London 2

Mostly, the Tower of London, with a shot or two of Trafalgar Square, and a few shots from the top balcony when we went to see the musical, Avenue Q. Em wasn't familiar with the expression, "the nosebleed section," but that's where we were.

West Germany


There are a lot of pictures here, perhaps because I wandered around alone so much. I don't know what the feet mean. And you can see I like looking into windows. I ate dinner once at Miss Moneypenny's, and stayed at the Metropol Hotel (but didn't attend the Metropol cinema). That's the Rhine on p. 3, and people eating Easter brucn near it. On page 5, the statues above an entranceway are from the Bank of Commerce. I want to know why that bank has statues that are taking off their clothing.

Utrecht, Holland

Looking in windows

Y'all liked the picture of the cat in the window, so here are a few more window shots. Today was the first real sunbathing day of the Spring, I think.

Utrecht buildings, street scenes, etc.

Six pages of pictures! Page 1, bottom center: denizens (students?) at the University of Utrecht; page 2, bottom row: In Linda's apartment, including some ancient church chairs (which she demos); page 4 includes color-coordinated icecream, and a dog face-off; page 6 shows a bike-lane traffic light and a law-abiding citizen.

Genesis, the exhibit, and some Cosmopolitan Chickens

This starts with the street view of the Centraal Museum and its entrance, then has a few shots from a show called "Genesis", which included some work by Eduardo Kac, whose house I rented in Chicago. The show was about using genetic algorithms to generate art and animals, about DNA and Crick's claim that it encoded all information. There was a "self-portrait" that was allegedly the artist's DNA. It looked like spotty gel to me.

The second-to-left embryo is an otter. The close-up is of a 3-toed sloth of the genus bratypus (also known as an ai, a name I know from playing Scrabble!) The chickens are part of the "Cosmopolitan Chickens" exhibit. The artist is cross-breeding chickens from different countries, which constitutes "border crossing" not only between the countries but between farming and art. Or something like that.

The rest of the pictures are from the museum grounds, and just in front. The museum has several buildings, and a nice courtyard with trees that were in flower today.

Jena, Germany

Jena 1

Jena 2

Paris, France

Paris Apartment

The three on the left are the interior of the apartment, and the shutters onto the courtyard. The rest are of the Passage.

Paris 1

The lighting wasn't great.....

The Bastille Sunday Market

Food porn! See seafood!


Local intererior decorating shops, changing the sign at the Bastille Opera, sights near the office, an explicit warning on an electric cabinet, the Metro, Michael Littman, and a nice door frame.


Things we saw sightseeing with Michael.


The Louvre (outside), the river, and around the Cathedral of Notre Dame.


Outside the Museum D'Orsay, more wandering, and a church.


The Museum D'Orsay again, more wandering, including Angelina's, which is said to have the best hot chocolate in Paris. (Yum!)

May Day at the Bastille

Politics and lilies of the valley.


Architectural detail, including the art in the lobby of my office building.


Wanderings, musicians, a school, and the plaque commemorating the students/teachers who were deported from that school under the Vichy government in the 1940s.


A few Paris shots, and then Versailles, including a long queue for tickets. We saw the cow when we went off to have lunch in town. I think he was advertising Laughing Cow cheese. And that's Patrice Perny on p. 3.

Statues at Versailles

Among those glorified include several mathematicians.


More Paris


Jean-Yves Jaffray's retirement party


More Paris That's all I've processed so far.