Ad-hoc social network (ahsn) system, ahsn-enabled device, and methods of use

Baker, Corey and Almodovar-Faria, Jose and McNair, Janise
WO Patent WO2016179583 A1, 2016

Embodiments include a system comprising: a publisher communication device configured to publish a social message for the publisher device for delivery using a short- range wireless communication protocol to followers within an area and a forwarding message from another device for a destination device using a delay tolerant network (DTN) communication protocol without the need of the Internet, including public or private telecommunications network, or the Radio Access Network (RAN), including public or private cellular or Wi-Fi networks. The system comprises a destination device within the area of the publisher device to receive, via the short-range wireless communication protocol, the forwarding message using a DTN communication protocol from the publisher device. The system comprises at least one social browsing communication device browsing, within the area, for the social message and which receives the social message using the short-range wireless communication protocol from the publisher device.

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