Project Selected for Stage 2 of the NSF Mozilla WINS Challenge

Our project, “Secure Opportunistic Schemes (SOS) Middleware – facilitates device-to-device (D2D) communication” has advanced through “Design Concept Stage (Stage 1)” and has been selected to move into “Working Prototype (Stage 2)” in the NSF Mozilla Wireless Innovation for a Networked Society (WINS) Challenges. This project is currently being worked on by the Network Reconnaissance (NetRecon) Lab at the University of Kentucky and 1 Degree Technologies, LLC.

The specific challenge our project is addressing is:

Off-the-Grid Internet – How can we leverage wireless technology to keep people connected to each other and to vital information sources in the aftermath of a disaster where Internet access is unavailable or compromised?

  • The Off-the-Grid Internet Challenge seeks solutions that can provide connectivity in one of the most challenging situations: the immediate aftermath of a major disaster. When disasters like earthquakes, tsunamis and hurricanes strike, communications networks are often among the first pieces of critical infrastructure to overload or fail, leaving individuals disconnected from one another and from essential services and communications. The Off-the-Grid Internet Challenge seeks solutions that help individuals wirelessly access each other and information services like maps and messaging following a disaster.

Stage 2 submissions are 6/22 and if our project is selected as a finalist, we will have the opportunity to present at the Mozilla headquarters in Mountain View, CA on 8/14. Awards will be given for exceptional prototypes:

  • $400,000 – First Place
  • $250,000 – Second Place
  • $100,000 – Third Place
  • $50,000 – Fourth Place

Interested in Joining the Lab?

The NetReconLab is always looking for motivated students

Corey Baker

Corey Baker

Corey E. Baker is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Kentucky. His research interests are in the area of Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) with emphasis in: opportunistic wireless communication for the Internet of Things (IoT), smart cities, smart homes, and mobile health environments.
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