Software Engineering Using Rationale

Speaker: Professor Janet E. Burge, Miami University, Computer Science and Software Engineering

Venue: Windstream Room, Hardymon Building

Belief Revision, Decomposition and Horn Formulas

Speaker: Professor Robert Sloan, University of Illinois at Chicago

Venue: CB 201

How Secure is your Web App? Open Source PHP Web Applications Security Review

Speaker: Professor Maureen Doyle, Northern Kentucky University

Venue: 255 FPAT (Engineering Tower)

"The PlusCal Algorithm Language"

W.T.Young Library Auditorium [info]

Leslie Lamport
Researcher, Microsoft Corporation

"The Challenge of Pervasive Software to the Conventional Wisdom of Software Engineering"

Mary Shaw
School of Computer Science
Carnegie Mellon University


The conventional wisdom of software engineering holds that software systems are developed by software professionals, that they have knowable (if evolving) requirements, that project managers control system configurations, that results can be computed directly, and that the systems can, at least in principle, be validated.

"Reconceptualizing Security"

Bruce Schneier
Chief Security Technology Officer, BT.