Cat's Den Extravaganza

Venue: Cat's Den

Joint event with the IEEE. Free food, games and fun. The results of the Hackathon will be shown.

To get more information about ACM please visit http://uk.acm.org


Venue: RGAN

The Hackathon is an event that will be held in RGAN, where students will come together and develop a game. 

For more information please visit the ACM website at http://uk.acm.org

Talk and Movie Night with Dr. Jacobs

Venue: Windstream room in Hardymon Building (corner of Rose and Maxwell)

Our newest faculty member, Dr. Jacobs, will be giving a short talk on his research in computer vision and related topics. Then we will be showing Blade Runner and serving popcorn.

Rich Photography on a Budget

Dr. Samuel Hasinoff

Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Mapping the World's Photos

Dr. David Crindall, Department of Computer Science, Cornell University

Semantic space models for word meaning in context

Speaker: Professor Katrin Erk, University of Texas, Austin

Venue: 327 McVey Hall