ACM Hackathon information session


ACMThis information session will introduce participants to the format of the semi-annual ACM Hackathon that begins Saturday, November 19.  A crash course in Python (the language used for the Hackathon) will be given, as well as an introduction to Git, the version control system that will be used.



ACMThe ACM (Association for Computing Machinery) is planning its next Hackathon Event. This time ACM will be participating in the PyWeek Programming Challenge. The objective is to create a game from scratch in one week using Python.

Boot Camp: Windows Phone 7


A special Windows Phone 7 programming session for CS students will be held this Friday, Feb 25

        Boot Camp Windows Phone 7

        Friday, February 25, 2011

        4:00 PM to 8:00PM

        RGAN 103

Everything needed for the session, including phones, will be provided.

Kinect box for the best development.

Colloquium: Artificial Intelligence for Artificial Artificial Intelligence

Peng Dai, Graduate Student, University of Washington Computer Science

Venue:  220K CRMS

Time: 4:00-5:00pm

Host: Professor Goldsmith

Colloquium: The SNORT Intrusion Detection System

Xiongqi (Wesley) Wu, Graduate Student, UK Computer Science

Venue: 209 CRMS

Time: 4:00-5:00pm

Hosts: Professors Griffioen, Singhal, and Marek

Colloquium: "Where's my vote?"

Dr. James Heather, the University of Surrey

Venue: 220 CRMS

Time: 4:00-5:00pm

Colloquium: Privacy in Advertising: Not all Adware is Badware

Dr. Paul Francis of Max Planck Institute for Software

Venue: CB 110

Time: 4:00-5:00pm

Host: Professor K. Calvert

Cat's Den Extravaganza

Venue: Cat's Den

Joint event with the IEEE. Free food, games and fun. The results of the Hackathon will be shown.

To get more information about ACM please visit


Venue: RGAN

The Hackathon is an event that will be held in RGAN, where students will come together and develop a game. 

For more information please visit the ACM website at

Talk and Movie Night with Dr. Jacobs

Venue: Windstream room in Hardymon Building (corner of Rose and Maxwell)

Our newest faculty member, Dr. Jacobs, will be giving a short talk on his research in computer vision and related topics. Then we will be showing Blade Runner and serving popcorn.