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Degree Requirements

The computer science program of study prepares students to identify, design, implement, and analyze algorithms, and to build software for a variety of applications. Through required and elective courses students are exposed to the foundations and practice of computing and algorithms, software engineering, programming languages, operating systems, graph- ics and multimedia, scientific computing and numerical analysis, databases, artificial intelligence and networks.

Minor Requirements

A minor is a structured group of courses that leads to considerable knowledge and understanding of a subject, although with less depth than a major. Some employers consider minors desirable, and the corresponding major requirements at the University may stipulate a minor. Some students choose to complement their major program with a minor in a related field or even in an entirely different field of interest. Students interested in pursuing an academic minor should contact their college dean’s office and the department responsible for the minor program for guidance and advising.

CS 101 Bypass Exam

Schedule of classes

The Registration Office coordinates registration for all undergraduate and graduate students at UK. New, transfer, and readmitted undergraduate students attend an advising conference and register for classes during their conference. Continuing students and graduate students register for the upcoming semester using myUK.

Graduate Students

Graduate Admission

We expect graduate students entering our degree programs to demonstrate knowledge of computing, competency in scientific applications, and mathematical maturity. You can demonstrate computing knowledge by extensive experience in the use of high-level programming languages and acquaintance with assembly language. You should have studied data structures and possess knowledge of computing systems, numerical methods, and theoretical computer science. You can demonstrate competency in scientific applications in a variety of ways; experience in applied mathematics, engineering, or any of the sciences is usually sufficient.

Graduate Handbook

This document contains a wealth of information about the academic life of graduate students.

Graduation Guidelines

Students must have met the following criteria to schedule the defense


The Graduate School

The University of Kentucky offers advanced study in 90 program areas awarding doctoral degrees in 56 fields, master's degrees in 94 fields, and 3 specialist degrees. Currently, more than 6,450 graduate students per year are enrolled in these degree programs and other advanced study programs which are centrally administered by the Graduate School.

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