Department and University Student Jobs

General advice to students looking for on-campus jobs

  1. Don't simply walk into a department or faculty office (in CS or any other department) looking for employment.
  2. Do not send unsolicited mail to faculty members in other departments looking for jobs.
  3. If you want to speak to a faculty member about employment, don't write a generic email saying "I want to meet you". Be frank: Send email that starts "I am a student looking for a job". You can attach a resume if you like. That email lets the faculty member respond "I have no positions" and you have both saved a lot of time. You generally should not bother faculty members before the semester with coursework or research questions, because they are busy preparing for the semester.
  4. Look for job postings on campus web sites and bulletin boards and the University online employment system (try for position type = "student", job category = "Student employment").

Received job announcements

The following job announcements have been received by the Computer Science Department. The positions may have already been filled. They are listed in reverse chronological order.

  • Dr. Daniel Lau currently has an opening in his research lab; he is
    looking for a web and C++ programmer who is familiar with REST API
    programming over HTTP.  The project involves writing a C++ class that
    connects to MS Azure IoT hub through Qt’s network library. The REST APIs
    for MS Azure IoT Hub offer programmatic access to the device, messaging,
    and job services, as well as the resource provder, in IoT Hub. You can
    access messaging services from within an IoT service running in Azure,
    or directly over the Internet from any application that can send an HTTPS
    request and receive an HTTPS response. So the ideal candidate has experience
    with MS’s Azure IoT APIs, but any REST API experience would be helpful.

    Contact:  Dr. Daniel L. Lau
    Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering