UK Syllabus Builder Web Application

Title:  "UK Syllabus Builder Web Application"

Matthew Spradling
Graduate Student, CSD, University of Kentucky

Wednesday, October 31, 4pm-5pm, Davis Marksbury Building Auditorium
Cookies and water will be served at 3:45 

Dr. Jeannine Blackwell, then the Associate Provost for Academic Administration, requested that I develop a syllabus builder web application for faculty use at UK.  Her hope was that this software would eventually be integrated into the MyUK system, where faculty could log in, load, modify, and 
create new syllabi to store into a database.  Syllabi would be downloadable from the web in an editable, printable format ready for distribution to students.
I implemented the first phase between April and August 2012.  Currently, the web application takes input of course information from the user, fills in available information from the course catalog, enforces inclusion of information required by University-wide guidelines for each of eight general course types, and allows the user to generate and download the completed document in MS Word format.  I will present the current functionality of the syllabus generator and discuss possible enhancements.