Colloquium: Computational modeling of human myocardium

Computational modeling of human myocardium

Prof. Kenneth Campbell

UK Department of Physiology


4:00 - 5:00 Wednesday, Nov. 14, 2012, Marksbury Theater

The Campbell lab strives to integrate biophysical, biochemical, and computational data to predict sarcomere level therapies for heart failure. In this seminar, I will show new experimental data collected using cells from patients undergoing cardiac surgery at the University of Kentucky and explain how we are using mathematical models to identify valuable therapeutic targets. Some of our models are 'spatially-explicit' and represent cardiac sarcomeres as sparse matrix structures. Other models use systems of coupled differential equations. Both types of models are computationally intensive and can be speeded up parallel processing and/or grid-computing techniques. We would be particularly interested to learn from scientists with experience of 1) distributed processing, 2) GPU computing and/or CUDA architectures, 3) multidimensional optimization (particle swarm, cuckoo search, etc.).



Host:  Dr. Kenneth Calvert