13th Annual UK Student Programming Contest

Programming Contest

For the 13th year in a row, UK and the ACM have partnered to plan a Student Programming Contest.  This competition is the first step in our school's preparations for the Mid-Central Regionals of the ACM Programming Contest.  The top-scorers in Thursday competition will be invited to join the Regional team.

The contest will take place Thursday, Sept. 13, in the 103 computer lab of RGAN.  The contest is open to all UK students, and people of all experience levels are encouraged to participate. Competitors should plan to arrive at 5:15 in order for the competition to begin on time.  It will last 3.5 hours, though competitors may leave the lab if they are finished.

If a student would like to participate without competing, he/she may register to help run the competition.  Both competitors and helpers can find more information and can register here.