Engineer's Day 2012

Engineer's Day 2011

The College of Engineering is preparing to host its annual Engineer's Day (Eday) on Saturday, February 25, 2012 from 9AM to 1PM.

The department of Computer Science cordially invites student from all grades, their teachers and families, and the general public to visit the demos and workshops that will showcase the work of our students and faculty.

The Computer Science (CS) student demonstrations will be in 102 Ralph G. Anderson (RGAN) building.  Workshops will be held in 103 RGAN.  You can ask for directions at registration.  See the campus map here for parking and the location of Eday activities on campus.

9:30AM - 10AM: Creating Graphics with Inkscape and Wings [level: entry to middle]

This workshop will focus on the development of graphics for both two- and three-dimensional games.  Both Inkscape and Wings 3D will be demonstrated before being used to create 3-D models and the graphics for a simple 2-D game.

10:15AM - 10:45AM: Developing a Windows 7 Phone Game (XNA [level: middle to high]

Windows Phone 7 Marketplace is booming and is easily accessibly to students.  This workshop will concentrate on game design, graphics programing concepts, and object-oriented programming concepts.  Student will program a sample 2-D game and a barebones 3-D game engine.  Prior programming experience is not required.

After a short break, we will have an additional, 20 minute long, more in-depth presentation on 3-D graphics performance, object pooling, etc, for the interested students (10:55AM - 11:15AM)

11:30AM - 12:00PM: Developing Games with GameMaker [level: entry to middle]

Create and play a video game using GameMaker software!  This workshop will be a tutorial on using GameMaker, a powerful and free game development tool, to build and play your own vidoe games.  This workshop will also include an introduction to video game development, and the role of programming in video games.  Prior programming experience is not required.

For more information on all Eday 2012 events, visit Engineer's Day 2012.  We hope to see you all on Saturday!