Indie Game Premier!

UK's Video Game Developers Group invites you to our first Indie Game Premier!

When: Friday, December 9th at 5pm
Where: the Davis Marksbury Building Theatre
Refreshments: Pizza and soft drinks 

Contact: Jarrett Burns <> or

Event Info:

-  Information about the UK's Video Game Developers group and how to
become a member.

-  Local game development company Super Soul is coming to UK to give
students a special pre-release hands-on with the company's first game
- *Compromised*

-  Multiple Xbox 360s will be set up for the game.  John and Richie,
the two man team behind the game's creation, will be around to talk
about what it's like starting a game company here in Lexington and to
answer any questions you may have.

-  *Compromised* is a twin-stick shooter game for the Xbox 360 that's
soon to be released on the XBLIG (XBox Live Indie Games) Marketplace.

-  Play the game.  Meet the developers.