Colloquium: Network Measurement -- The Next Frontier

Network Measurement -- The Next Frontier

Jame Griffioen, Department of Computer Science, University of Kentucky

Marksbury Theater, 4 PM Wednesday, October 5th

Cookies at 3:45


Historically, network measurement and monitoring has been an afterthought
when it comes to the design of networks.  Understanding and explaining the
behavior of the network is a challenging problem -- one that even the experts
in the field will tell you is not well understood.  In fact, setting
up the measurement infrastructure needed to record and analyze the network's
behavior can be as time consuming and architecturally challenging as setting
up the network itself -- nevermind trying to explain the data gathered by the
measurement infrastructure once it is set up.

While there has been significant progress in the area of network measurement
and monitoring in recent years, much still remains to be done. This talk will
highlight some of the advances that have been occuring in the area of network
measurement and monitoring, point out some things that have been learned
about how networks are being used, look at some future challenges for
network measurement, and describe the working going on here at UK to
measure and monitor emerging programmable and dynamic networks such as the
GENI network.