Mid-Central Regional ACM Programming Contest

Satellite site: University of Kentucky.

Please register your teams via the ACM ICPC web page (check the deadlines)   (Instructions)

The 2010 Mid-Central Regional contest will be held on Saturday, November 6, 2010.

William Young Library; See directions and maps

results, information, pictures, etc.

There are parking lots on weekends close to William Young Library (building 456). A list of parking lots for this year is given below. There is a huge competition for parking space on football game weekends. Any parking lot that is marked "Residence" or that has a sign with "24 hour control" cannot be used; obviously it applies to other restrictions such as a handicape parking; obviously it applies to other restrictions such as a handicape parking. In the past, there were a few parking fines for contest participants; we certainly do not want this to happen again.

Available parking (see the map): parking lots are patrolled all day.

Parking Structure 2 - Access from Hillltop Ave. is open
Visitor lot on Hilltop Ave is open
E lot (small lot) on Columbia is closed
E Lot (large lot) on Columbia is open
Funhouser lot (next to Chem-physics) is open
Parking Structure at Ky Clinic is open
No parking in R lots

Our schedule follows the Mid-Central schedule posted at Mid-Central Headquarters. Please note: Lexington, KY is in the EST time zone while the Mid-Central headquarters are in the CST zone so there is a one hour differencein schedules. We will follow the official schedule for the contest but there are modifications regarding the registration and morning: we are planning for a practice session around 10:40 AM at your stations. After the practice you are invited for lunch, and after the contest we have the award ceremony with pizza (or something similar).

See “Rules of the 2010 ACM Regional Programming Contests”; make sure that the contestants are eligible to participate. Proposed changes see here.

Satellite Site Contest Director
Dr. Jerzy 'Jurek' W. Jaromczyk; e-mail, call 859-272-3961, or call 859-257-1186 before the contest. On the day of the contest, call the Young Library security desk.

Virtual library tour

Lunch and dinner will be provided before and after the contest, respectively.

Contest Environment and Compilers
We are planning this year to use a Linux environment, based on Debian Live (Etch, version 4.0). Check this page for changes and modifications regarding details, however, we are planning to provide the following (or their updated versions) -- see below.

Each team will be allowed to use one PC-compatible computer (such as a Dell or equivalent). The guaranteed configuration of the computer includes a US keyboard, mouse and color monitor.

The programming languages of the contest are C, C++ and Java. Pascal is not longer provided. See above for a list of available compilers and versions.

The software will be installed in standard configuration and we will follow as closely as possible the general suggestions that you can find in compilers/development environments.

Debian CD Live -- 2010.

Included software:
PC^2 9.1.3
gcc 4.3.2 with g++
java JDK 1.6.0_12
gdb 6.8 (C/C++ debugger)
cgdb 0.6.4 (full-screen text frontend for gdb)
ddd 3.3.11 (GUI frontend for gdb)
eclipse 3.2.2 with JDT and CDT (Java and C/C++)
NetBeans 6.7.1 (Java only)
anjuta 2.4.2
bluefish 1.0.7
nano 2.0.7
emacs 22.2.1
vim 7.1.314
other editors (joe, jed, gedit)
cvs 1.12.13, subversion 1.5.1, git
GNOME 2.20 / 2.22
iceweasel 3.0.6 (Debian's version of Firefox; only for reading docs)
evince (PDF viewer, for reading the PC^2 docs)
cups 1.3.8 (print spooler)

PC^2 9.0 and 9.1 documentation
STL manual 3.30
Java SE documentation 6u12
full set of Unix manpages (including syscalls and library functions)
gcc documentation
gdb documentation

There is a "docs.html" on the desktop that links to the first three
of these (PC^2, STL, and Java documentation). This docs.html is also
the default page for the web browser.

More information can be found in Mid-Central Region Mid-Central Headquarter page.