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CS Alumnus Jackie J. Bryant Inducted into College of Engineering Hall of Distinction

CS Alumnus Jackie J. Bryant Inducted into College of Engineering Hall of Distinction

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Yang Receives Microsoft Award to Develop Real-time Tele-collaboration

Ruigang Yang, professor of computer science at the University of Kentucky, has received a Microsoft Surface Hub for Research award totaling $25,000 to develop tele-collaboration/presence using the Surface Hub.

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What’s Next: Fusing Interests in Undergraduate Research

Computer science and the St. Chad Gospels. Physics and Spanish. Math and international studies. The combination of these don't seem to make a lot of sense, but it is these interests that have shaped the undergraduate career of one UK senior.

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CS Alumni John Kyle and Michael Strain Inducted into College of Engineering Hall of Distinction

CS Alumni John Kyle and Michael Strain Inducted to College of Engineering Hall of Distinction

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Delfino Receives Knowles Science Teaching Fellowship

Two recent University of Kentucky graduates, Michael Delfino and Samantha Dougherty, are among only 34 high school mathematics and science teachers in the U.S. named to the 2015 cohort of Knowles Science Teaching Foundation (KSF) teaching fellows.

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UK Grad Problem-solving, Painting With Computer Science

“I never really thought I’d be working on something like this,” said Michael Roup, who earned his bachelor’s degree in computer science and mathematics from the University of Kentucky earlier this month. Roup is referring to his work on unveiling text in ancient scrolls with computer software.

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From Ancient Scrolls to Microsoft, UK Grad Finds Success

In July, Nick Graczyk will head off to Redmond, Washington, the “Bicycle Capital of the Northwest,” and also home to Microsoft, where he will claim the title of software engineer. Graczyk’s most recent titles include “ancient scroll software extraordinaire” and University of Kentucky graduate.

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Freshman Finds Close Community, Huge Opportunity

After being welcomed by Brent Seales, chair and professor of the Department of Computer Science, on move-in day, Melissa Shankle felt encouraged to get more involved in the college and department. She began attending the Society of Women Engineers meetings, where she soon listened to Seales give a talk about his work.

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Breaking Barriers as a First-gen Female in Computer Science

She comes from a Kentucky town of fewer than 7,000, but she’s no stranger to traveling the world’s most influential cities. She only just earned her bachelor’s degree in December, but began working toward her master’s last year. She is a female going into in a historically male-dominated field, but has had no trouble landing top internships and research positions. And while many may think working at NASA and on an international project to unwrap ancient scrolls would be the pinnacle of Abigail Coleman’s career, this is actually just the beginning.

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Matthew Beck and Debby Keen Receive Outstanding Teaching Awards

Debby L. Keen, College of Engineering, Department of Computer Science, and Matthew J. Beck, College of Engineering, Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering, have been recognized with Outstanding Teacher Awards. Read more at UKnow...

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ABET Accreditation

ABETThe Bachelor of Science in Computer Science program at the University of Kentucky is accredited by the ABET Computing Accreditation Commission .. read more 

For more information on ABET visit www.abet.org

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