CS 585 - Intermediate Topics in Computer Science

Bulletin Description

Topics to be selected by staff. May be repeated to a maximum of six credits, but only three credits may be earned by a student under the same topic.


Restricted to computer science and electrical engineering majors. Others by permission.

Expected Preparation

Requirements will be individually determined by the instructor offering the topic and will be posted during the registration period and distributed to students taking the class. Typically, completion of a data structures class and engineering standing are minimal prerequisites.

Student Learning Outcomes

Outcomes will vary depending on the nature of the topic offered.


Direct Measures:

Student evaluation and feedback: Students are evaluated on their work (homeworks, projects, and exams), which is marked to indicate errors and returned either corrected or with correct solutions. Problems are discussed in class during class meeting periods.

Syllabus Information

Possible Textbook:

Textbook selections will be determined by the instructor and are dependent on the topic being presented.