CS Department to Host STLP State Championship

STLP State Championship -- Programming Contest for middle and high school students.

March 22, 2012 -- Lexington, Rupp Arena

The CS department invites students to a Programming and Game Development event at the 2012 STLP State Championship. The students will learn basic development with Game Maker 8 and use it to develop their own game that will be a part of the competition. No prior experience is needed; all instructions will be provided. 

STLP State Championship 
Rupp Arena, Lexington 
22 March 2012 
UK Computer Science 
Programming and Developing Games 
Thoroughbred Room 4 (note a change of the room from a smaller Thoroughbred 2 to accomodate a record number of teams)

Students will learn the principles of computer programming and use them to create a computer game. It is suggested that students bring their own laptops (Windows).

A tutorial on building a game with Game Maker 8, prepared by one of CS seniors, is available here with necessary images (zipped) here. More information about the STLP can be found at the STLP Web page.