Metapuzzle™ books on request

We offer books with Metapuzzles™, which are collections of puzzles whose solutions provide a sequence of clues that can be decoded into a message. Finding the message requires solving the puzzles and consulting a codebook (which we provide as an appendix) to decrypt a final message. The codebook varies with the puzzles and message.

See a sample book (PDF).

Such books can be used as:

We offer a variety of degrees of difficulty, from very easy (appropriate for children) to extremely hard, and a range of puzzle types, such as classical Sudoku, Latin square, and Multi-9™, with optional diagonal constraints.

We offer a number of delivery options:

  1. A PDF document; you can print and bind the book as you wish.
    1. You can specify what you want on the title page, and we will include it.
    2. If you provide a logo or other cover material, we can build a cover page.
  2. For an appropriate fee, we can arrange for printing, binding, and shipping.

See a sample book (PDF).

Contact: Raphael Finkel <raphael at>