Skolt Saami verb/nominal lookup and form generator

Encoded by Raphael Finkel 3/2016 in KATR.
Based on Tim Feist, A Grammar of Skolt Saami, Suomalais-Ugrilaisen Seuran Toimituksia, Helsinki 2015.


Enter a word or word part, in either Skolt Saami or English:

Compute verb forms

English equivalent
Infinitive Cut and paste if you need: â å ä č đ ǥ ǧ ’j ǩ ŋ õ š ž ʒ ǯ ʹ
If the infinitive uses vowels e or o and a low vowel is intended, write these vowels in capital letters, as E and O. For instance, enter the verb njoorǥad "whistle" as njOOrǥad.